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Best Record Label in 2023 🏆

Join Anthem Records

Why join our label?  Here's a few reasons.



  1. Proven Track Record - We’ve grown very successful artists/bands within our label, and we have a formula that has proven itself time and time again to help artists GROW.  This also means you have a team of experienced advisors helping direct your career when you need it most.  

  2. The BEST Music Distribution - We have yet to find a more valuable distribution service!  Our artists get their music in 200 MORE stores, make 10-15% higher streaming and payout rates, get pitched to ALL DSP playlists (not just Spotify), get access to game-changing features like Discovery Mode, Youtube Content ID, Sync & Publishing deals, and MORE.  Here’s a full breakdown of the our distribution benefits. 

  3. Marketing POWER - We have an entire suite of in-house marketing services that includes everything from our Spotify Playlist Network of over 300k+ followers (growing by 100k-200k+ per year) to custom campaigns for Spotify Playlist campaigns, TikTok, Youtube, FB/IG, and even international Radio Campaigns across 180 countries.  And our artists get to utilize these services at a significant discount, or depending on your deal, for free.

  4. Collaborations - Artist collaborations are a GAME CHANGER for breaking new artists and jump-cutting to success, and we have a LOT of opportunities in this lane.  For example, our artists get to take advantage of The Anthem Collab, for free. 

  5. More Revenue Streams - We have connections and relationships with some of the biggest and most successful music companies on the planet, including Sync and Micro-Sync Publishing companies, influential investors to help you fund your career via advances, and a lot more.  And we know how to leverage our relationships to open up new revenue streams for your music!

  6. The Anthem Network - Our growing community of the best artists, mixers, producers, writers, and creatives across the world allows us to get artists plugged in fast, and as it continues to grow and evolve, our artists get first crack at the shows, events, and new opportunities that arise!

  7. We Don’t Suck - Listen, there’s a lot of industry people that quite honestly just, well, suck.  But that’s not us.  We’re young.  We’re fun.  We’re energetic.  And we're disruptors.  And we’re always looking for a better way to do things.  We like to make sure we vibe with our artists before jumping into anything, so be ready for that vibe check!

NOTE: We prioritize working with artists and bands that are FIRED UP and PASSIONATE and are ALREADY building and growing their careers on their own!  If that sounds like you, fill out the form below!

Interested in joining TAC?  Fill out and submit the sign-up request form below. 

Thanks for submitting!

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