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Request A Custom Proposal 🎯

Get The Perfect Plan 100% Customized Based On Your Needs!

Fill out the form below to receive a custom proposal that suits your needs. The more details you provide, the better we’ll be able to help. Please note that it might take up to one business day to get back to you.

Thanks for submitting! Our team will review your submission and respond with a proposal and next steps!

Why Choose The Anthem Co.?

TAC is not your generic music promotion website. We are a complete & unique music marketing agency.


According to our clients, our main differentiators are that 1) our services provide 100% real and safe results by building a genuine fan base that lasts, and 2) we are REAL people who have personally had REAL success with both our own artists' music and our clients' music, and our team is available for you to reach out to with questions!  

We focus on offering a personalized service that caters to the specific needs of each client, in addition to providing white-glove quality customer service and over-the-top satisfaction guarantee.

Established Team

We are a team of experienced artists, marketers, and consultants that know business and promotion inside out, allowiing us to deliver real results.

Trusted Experience

We’ve grown reputable artist brands across many genres and helped nearly 1,000 artists overcome growth plateaus and build the following they needed to become full-time musicians.

Platform Compliant

Unlike most other promotion companies out there, we use absolutely zero bots or fakes to perform any of our services.

Find More Money

We help artists and businesses break open and grow as many revenue streams as possible, allowing them to self-fund their passions and keep 100% of the results!

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