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A Guide To Our Label Services

We offer a mix of a la carte label services, giving artists the power of a label while maintaining their creative freedom!

Artist Collaborations

Artists now have the opportunity for collaborations via one-off project label deals (which are major shortcuts to growing on Spotify), and we’re constantly expanding to add more and more genres and opportunities!  Currently Worship and CCM artists can collaborate with Mass Anthem and Anthem Worship, which also opens up opportunities to tour with Anthem Worship throughout the year!  Click 'More Info' below for details.


Music Distribution

All artists now have the opportunity to be considered for our Music Distribution services, and we can transfer in both old and new music!  Click 'More Info' below for details.



Artists can now lease their back catalog of songs to fund their future projects and career growth, and the best part is they get to keep their masters after 5 years!  Click 'More Info' below for details.


Publishing Admin

Start collecting ALL your music royalty revenue via our partner publishing admin services!


Our team has a LOT of experience and success in the music game, and we love nothing more than to help artists win via 1 on 1 consults.  Click 'More Info' below for details.


Producer Opportunities 

If you’re a skilled producer, we have some HUGE opportunities for you to produce under our label's artist brands.  Acceptance is on a request and approval (or referral) basis, so DM or email us if you're interested, and we'll jump on a call!


Have questions?  These will help. 

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