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Best Spotify Promotion in 2023 🏆


Spotify Playlist Campaigns

Give your music a BOOST. 🚀

NOTE: all our services comply with Spotify's policies.  We do not guarantee streams. We do NOT use bots. Our features are built around pitching and running custom ad campaigns. 


Over 300 songs successfully launched!


Launch playlist campaigns are one-off playlist campaigns that get you pitched and placed in credible curator playlists inside of our playlist network, and they act as one time boosts to dump more fuel on the fire fast, whenever you need it.  These campaigns are perfect for both new and even older releases!


Playlists are the key to growing successful music today.  Landing on the various types of Spotify playlists will expose your music to a new audience and first-time listeners. We will plan your Spotify promotion campaign based on the genre and mood of the song to get you the best possible results and maximum exposure. We’ll pitch your music to real and organic playlists, to get the best out of your song. You will receive a detailed report at the end of your campaign, which includes playlists added in your top 50, follower increase, monthly listener increase, streams increase, and direct links to the playlists.


On average, Launch Artists in 2023 had 36 of our network playlists in their top 50 performing playlists, per campaign (and that's just top 50)

Monthly Listeners

On average, Launch Artists in 2023 grew their monthly listeners 6,712.7 listeners while averaging 14,621 streams, per campaign


On average, Launch Artists in 2023 grew their followers by 33.5 followers, per campaign

Playlist Campaign



  • 100K FOLLOWER REACH CAMPAIGN: $400 (all non-Christian genres must start at the 100k tier)




1) There is typically a 10-25% conversion rate based off of playlist followers. Ex: 50k followers usually equates to 5k-12.5k streams. 

2) Curators typically keep your music play-listed for 1 month, but some have also gone as long as a year!  If they really love the song, you might stay a while!

3) Follower counts are estimations based on likely outcomes, and sometimes total followers will be lower or higher than the campaign tier estimate. 

4) We have a zero-bot policy. Each new curator is thoroughly reviewed and tested to ensure 100% organic audiences.

5) Campaign includes 1 release day TAC IG story and page post featuring a custom photo of artist. 

6) There are no refunds offered after marketing begins.


1) Fill out the submission form below with $10 submission fee and your requested launch date.

2) Our team will review your launch request and get back to you within a 1-2 days via email.

3) If approved, you'll receive the final invoice to lock in your launch date.  

5) Your launch will begin the Friday you requested.

6) You'll receive a results breakdown at the end of your campaign via email!

Spotify Playlisting Campaign Form
($5 Submission Fee)

Thanks for submitting! Someone from our team will be in touch with you soon!

60+ Past Results 👇🏻

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Living Again, CCM/Worship, 100K Follower Campaign


Bryan Boliver, CCM/Worship, 100K Follower Campaign

Life Church Music, CCM/Worship, 100K Follower Campaign