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Anthem Platinum
Let us grow your playlist network. 

Sick of paying other people to promote you or your artists' music?  Wouldn't it be more fun to have your own playlist empire that you control?  Well now you can. (and trust us, it's a blast)

We've perfected the art of building playlist networks, and now we're here to partner with you to build yours.  We've grown our TAC playlist network to over 300k+ followers (growing by nearly 100k+ per year), and we've leveraged it to build a brand recognized throughout the music community. 


But here's the thing, playlists are more than "just" playlists.  They're a status symbol.  They're leverage.  Just like a website, playlists are digital real estate that act as incredibly effective funnels within your music business, and when used correctly, can provide a nonstop stream of artist reach-outs that can be used to grow your email lists, client bases, etc.  Plain and simple, music businesses with successful playlist networks have a MAJOR advantage, and we want to help you be one of them. 

We've generated millions of streams for our artists, triggered the algorithms and created profitable and sustainable revenue streams, and we've used our network to gain shows, collaborations, publishing deals, and other lucrative opportunities for our artistsAnthem Platinum is your fastest and easiest shortcut to owning your own playlist network, and our A-team is excited to partner with you. Here's how:   

The Process:

1) 1-2 marketing experts on our will schedule a consult and dive into your current label/management/band situation, talking strategy and goals of your business.

2) If we feel like a partnership is a great fit for everyone, we'll move forward with an agreement.

3) Our team will then begin setting up, creating, testing, running, and managing all your custom marketing campaigns within our Facebook Business Ads Manager Account, including creating the marketing content, while coaching you on what to do on your end with your Spotify profile. 

4) Occasionally we can jump on a call to discuss performance, goals, funnel building around your playlist network, and ideas and opportunities for further growth within your brand.


- You own and control your own playlist network

- You grow ALL your artist's audiences together, as fast as you want

- You leverage your playlist network for new deals, like signing new artists

- You don't have to rely on pitching and paying for expensive placements, saving you money

- You trigger the Spotify algorithms for your artists and unlock passive streaming income, FASTER

- You boost your artists' new releases, immediately on release day

- You can focus your attention on managing and growing your artists and teams, while your network and reach grows under our management


$1,750/month + ad spend -- 12 month contract (discount of $3k-$6k per year)

$1,999/month + ad spend -- 6 month contract (discount of $1,500 per year)

$2,250/month + ad spend -- 3 month contract

Note: These price points account for TAC's time, effort, team, management and experience.  You will need additional funds to go into your custom ad campaigns, ideally between $300 and $1,000 minimum per month. (Ex: you pay $1,999 per month, plus an additional $1,000 for your marketing campaigns each month, for a monthly total of $2,999.)  The larger the budget and the longer the time frame, the more success this will generate. 

Important: There is a nonrefundable submission fee of $99.

Anthem Platinum Application

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80,000+ Monthly Spotify Listeners

The Anthem Collective is our go-to for everything marketing, and Anthem Silver/Gold has been an absolute GAME CHANGER starting out as a new band.  We can’t recommend them enough!

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300,000+ Monthly Spotify Listeners

We've worked with TAC for a little over a year now, and there's really no going back.  Everything's so much easier when we don't have to think about the marketing aspects at all.  Just release the music and they get it heard!

Mass Anthem

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