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Breaking News: Walmart Adds Dove Awards To Its Great Value Lineup

WALMART BOARD MEETING – “Alright team, we need to come up with some new items to add to our Great Value list. We currently have Magic Treasures replacing Lucky Charms, Frosted Shredded Wheat Cereal replacing Frosted Mini Wheats, Fruit Spins replacing Fruit Loops, and Twist and Shouts (Double Filled) replacing Double Stuffed Oreos. But we haven’t been able to come up with our Christian knock-off of the Grammys yet. Anyone have an idea of what we can call it?”

“We can call it Golden Grams!”

“Shut up Chad, you’re fired. That idea is already taken.”

“We’ll call it the Dove Awards. It’s got a nice ring to it. Now instead of the name-brand item, we have something that people can randomly pay to attend.”

“But why do we need the Dove Awards when we already have the Grammys?”

“Because our Christian artists don’t get nominated and we want them to feel like a big deal. And, Chad, I thought I told you to GET OUT!”

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