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Best Spotify Promotion in 2024 🏆

Spotify Ad Studio Campaigns

For when you need to give your music a BOOST. 🚀


Spotify Ad Studio campaigns are one time boosts to dump more fuel on the fire, fast, whenever you need it.  These campaigns are perfect for both new and old releases, and are best paired with our other short-term marketing features like Launch, Follower Campaigns, and Exposure campaigns via our Spotify Bundles.


The Spotify Ads Studio is a relatively new tool in the market for artists and musicians. Spotify ads will help increase streams and saves and user playlists adds by sending listeners that are ALREADY on Spotify directly to your profile or song link, which not only grows your streams, but it can also have a significant impact on the algorithm for speeding up growth based on your similar artists

NOTE: We highly encourage artists to combine these Spotify Ad Studio campaigns with play-listing campaigns (via our Spotify Bundles) to ensure that this campaign generates a balanced 'source of streams' for the song.  Artists with larger monthly listeners or songs that already have solid playlist support or algorithmic growth usually won't have an issue running these ad studio campaign solo.  Campaigns will also run over a shorter period of time for larger artists and over a longer period of time for smaller artists.

How's It Work?

1. You choose 3-5 similar Spotify artists whose audiences and fans you want to hear your music and become YOUR fans. (make sure this is accurate to your genre!)

2. You choose 1-5 countries you want to target with these campaigns (we'll optimize for performance if you don't have any in mind)

3. Tell us which song you want to promote. 

4. We create an ad and run the campaign promoting that song to your chosen audience!

NOTE: So far these campaigns are great way to quickly boost streams and monthly listeners from highly specific listeners in your genre, while also increasing save rates and playlist-add rates.  Listeners seem to be open to listening to at least 30 seconds of your song, and it is very accurate listener data (which is important! + it's why we often see songs "hit" the algorithm after the campaigns end), but converting listeners to high impact actions like saves and adding the song to their playlists is more difficult.  So it's very important that you're highly specific with the similar artists to target, in order to give the song performance the best chance.  Again, we highly recommend utilizing this campaign with a Spotify Bundle whenever possible, because it helps give Spotify more sources of listener data at once. 

How's it work?


  • Estimated 20-25K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 30-60 Days):       $1,000

  • Estimated 50-55K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 30-60 Days):       $1,800

  • Estimated 100-120K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 30-60 Days):   $2,750

  • Estimated 200-250K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 30-60 Days):   $4,500

  • Estimated 500k-550K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 60-90 Days):  $7,250

  • Estimated 1M+ STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 90 Days):                 $12,500

Note: estimates are not guarantees, but likely outcomes based on past campaign results from similar ad spend budgets.  We also run campaigns for smaller artists across a longer period of time than for more established artists. 


1) Fill out the form below and submit with payment.

2) Your campaign will begin 7-10 days (often within 1 week) from the chosen Friday we start. (Note: After the ads go live we will likely experience a few days of optimizing (aka lower daily spend while we dial in the best targeting). Once we've fully optimized we will begin to ramp things up until the target has been achieved.)

3) We'll email you your follow-up results when it concludes!

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Past Results

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SioVera, Spanish Worship, 100K-120K Stream Campaign


Anaiah Nikole, Worship, 20K-25K Stream Campaign

Living Again, CCM/Worship, 100K-120K Stream Campaign

10 Talents, Christian Rock, 20K-25K Stream Campaign