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Best Spotify Promotion in 2023 🏆

Spotify Ad Studio Campaigns

For when you need to give your music a BOOST. 🚀


Spotify Ad Studio campaigns are designed to be a powerful extension of our ArtistPool & Advanced Marketing. While ArtistPool & Advanced Marketing are designed for consistent, year-round Spotify growth within our Anthem Playlist and Curator Network, one-off Ad Studio campaigns are one time boosts to dump more fuel on the fire and trigger the algorithm fast, whenever you need it.  These campaigns are perfect for new releases and even for older songs that are starting to gain traction!


The Spotify Ads Studio is a relatively new tool in the market for artists and musicians. Spotify ads will help increase streams and will send listeners that are ALREADY on Spotify directly to your profile or track or album link, which not only grows your streams and monthly listeners (and usually followers), but it also has a significant impact on the algorithm. 

You even get to choose which Spotify artists have a similar sound/style to your music that you want to target, and then their fans and listeners will be the ones to hear your ads and convert into your fans and listeners!  This is by FAR one of the most powerful tools at your disposal, and our team knows all the tips and tricks to get you the best results. 


  • Estimated 20-25K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 30 Days):            $1,000

  • Estimated 50-55K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 30 Days):            $1,800

  • Estimated 100-120K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 30-50 Days):   $2,750

  • Estimated 200-250K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 30-60 Days):   $4,500

  • Estimated 500k-550K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 60-90 Days):  $7,250

  • Estimated 1M+ STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 90 Days):                $12,500

Spotify Ads Studio Campaign


1) Fill out the form below and submit with payment.

2) Your campaign will begin 7-10 days (often within 1 week) from the chosen Friday we start

3) We'll give you your follow-up results when it concludes!

Spotify Ad Campaign Form
($10 Submission Fee)

Thanks for submitting! Someone from our team will be in touch with you soon!


Past Results

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Example 1: Living Again, CCM/Worship, 100K-120K Stream Campaign


Example 2: SioVera, Spanish Worship, 100K-120K Stream Campaign

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