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Best Spotify Promotion in 2024 🏆

Spotify Follower + Saves/Pre-Saves Campaigns

More followers, more saves, more fans!


One of the hardest things to grow on Spotify is your followers ... until now.  With a follower + saves/pre-saves campaign (aka a conversion campaign), listeners will have the opportunity to hear a preview of your music before following you.  Fans then opt-in to follow on Spotify, Save/Pre-Save the promoted song, and pre-save all future releases that are promoted via this feature.


For example: 

If you run a $500 conversion campaign for a song and get 300 followers and 300 saves, the next $500 conversion campaign you run with us will get another brand new 300 followers and 300 saves PLUS 300 saves from the first campaign who signed up to pre-save all future releases, so 600 total saves.  Meaning, your success continues to compound with every new campaign. ​

NOTE: all our services comply with Spotify's policies.  We do not guarantee streams. We do NOT use bots. Our features are built around pitching and running custom ad campaigns. 

These campaigns are designed to increase Followers and Song Saves or Pre-Saves on Spotify. These are high-value actions that convert real listeners and increase your chances of gaining algorithmic traction.

Conversion campaigns are designed to work in-tandem with our Spotify Stream Campaigns, and we recommend creating one of each campaign type per release for best results.

Spotify conversions

Why Follower + Lifetime Saves Campaigns? (aka Conversion Campaigns)

1. Conversion campaigns focus on building Followers and Song Saves which, in addition to earning you new real listeners, it focuses on elevating the 'Spotify Popularity Index', the part of the algorithm that recommends your music to people. This can increase your chances of getting on algorithmic playlists, radio, and more.

2. Conversion campaigns will earn you new Followers and those followers will also Save or Pre-Save your song. As a result, Spotify is significantly more likely to feature your music on Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and other discovery outlets for those listeners. Spotify may also include your music in email announcements that go out to Followers. All of these increase your chances of substantial organic streaming growth.

3. When you acquire Followers through this campaign, you do not have to pay to reach them again. Not only will they Follow you and Save your current release, they will opt-in to Pre-Save every future release that is promoted through this feature.

This means a $1K budget per release means you will have a minimum of 1,800 Pre-Saves on your third release.

Pricing (3 tiers):

  • Tier 1: $2,000

    • Minimum 1,000 followers, Minimum 1,000 saves (estimates), can take up to 90 days 

  • Tier 2: $1,000

    • Minimum 500 followers, Minimum 500 saves (estimates), can take up to 60 days 

  • Tier 3: $500

    • Minimum 250 followers, Minimum 250 saves (estimates), can take up to 30 days

Want to put an even larger budget into this campaign?  Let us know and we’ll tell you what the minimum estimated results will be!  Note: the larger the budget, the longer the campaign usually needs to run. 



1) Fill out the form below and submit with payment.

2) Your campaign will begin 7-10 days (often within 1 week) from the chosen Friday we start

3) We'll give you your follow-up results when it concludes!

Spotify Follower Form
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