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Anthem Advisor Gift Cards

We've officially made it to the giving season and TAC is here to celebrate with you! Here's such an easy opportunity to spread goodwill with your friends. We normally charge $150 for our Anthem Advisor video calls, where we share branding advice, Spotify algorithm tips, revenue stream strategies, and more!


This year for a limited time only, we're offering $5 Anthem Advisor calls for you to give away as gifts! **PAUSE** Let us rephrase that. That's 97%OFF the original price. Reminder: your friends must know that these deep dives are worth $150 per session. (You're going to look like a rockstar because of this by the way!)

P.S. - After you pay via the form below, go ahead and start a group email introducing your friend to us, the A-Team (, and we'll take it from there! Trust us, it will speak volumes to them by adding this personal touch.

Limit 5 per person. Pro tip: when you decide to order multiple, go ahead and submit a new form every time. Offer ends December 1st.

P.P.S. - Just to be clear, you can ONLY buy this as a gift for your artist friends, and you cannot use it personally for yourself.

Anthem Advisor Gift Card Form

Thanks for submitting! Time to let your friend know and to set up a group email with us!
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