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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions?  We've got answers.

FAQ - General

How is The Anthem Co different from other marketing companies? We began as artists first, and we've personally used all the marketing features and strategies we offer to scale our own music and artist brands to millions of monthly listeners on Spotify. When we first started music (and it wasn't working lol), we wished we had someone who could have told us how the game of music ACTUALLY works, and to help give us a proven strategy to follow and tangible marketing help. So now that we've had success and figured a lot of things out, we we decided to build a company to do EXACTLY that for other artists. So what's the key difference? You can actually learn from people who are PERSONALLY already doing what you want to do. That's something most companies can't offer.

What types of services does The Anthem Co offer?  1. Spotify Marketing 2. Social Media Marketing 3. Artist Collaborations / One-off Record Deals 4. Education (COMING SOON)

What other artists have you worked with? A LOT. Check out our Testimonials page or head over to our IG page and do some scrolling. You might recognize a few!

Can I work with you if I work with another marketing company? Yessiree!  It can be tricky to track your progress with more “cooks in the kitchen”, but many of our artists do it, and it can be an effective strategy to get marketing pushes on multiple fronts. We'd love to join your marketing team!

Are there any discounts for agencies, managers, or labels? Yes! If you manage multiple artists, you qualify for a 10% discount. Use the contact form to connect with our team, and we'll apply it directly to your campaign invoices.

Are your marketing services legit? Yes! 2 legit 2 quit. The Anthem Co is dedicated to nurturing real fan engagement, so delivering legitimate streams is very important to us. We also use these exact same features to market our own music and artists, so it literally has to all be legit or else we wouldn't use it on ourselves.

Is there an affiliate program for marketers? At this time, yes, we have an affiliate program in beta test, primarily for producers and managers. Shoot us an email if you're interested!


FAQ - Spotify Growth

How will you promote my music? It depends on the feature, but we have relationships with tons of independent playlist curators, and we also run native ad campaigns to get initial traction and boost engagement. Our service combines these two different approaches simultaneously. 1- We run native ad campaigns across social media to drive traffic to Spotify. This way, we get your music exposure and guarantee REAL plays/streams by people who are genuinely interested. 2- We send your chosen song(s) to our playlist curator network so they can consider and promote your tracks. This method yields different results for every artist, but they love discovering new music and more-often-than-not choose to add new songs! With both strategies, you’ll certainly get REAL and TARGETED engagement. Even though results may vary based on different factors, you’ll surely notice the improvement. We don’t ever send bots or any type of fake engagement. Our services fully comply with Spotify’s terms of service.

Where should I start? It 100% depends on your budget and your goals! If your budget is under $500, start with a playlist LAUNCH. If your budget is $1200+, start with a Spotify Bundle or Facebook/Instagram Spotify campaign. If you have a monthly budget of $250 - $1,500, you may be eligible to start an Advanced Anthem Silver or Anthem Gold campaign.

Can I swap out my current song(s) in ArtistPool or Anthem Silver/Gold for my new release(s)? Absolutely! We highly encourage you to swap out your older songs for your new releases, via our Song Swap portal. Our audience is always hungry for fresh new music and we want to provide you with the easiest opportunity to market your future releases!

What if I join ArtistPool but then down the road I want to jump out? If at any point you want to end your yearly ArtistPool subscription marketing plan, just email or DM us and we'll get it taken care of!  Easy peasy. Note: you will get to finish out any time left your marketing term, and then your marketing will conclude on the date you first began.

What genres do you market? We can market all genres very effectively, but we also focus heavily on CCM/Worship/Christian Pop.

Is it really 100% safe? Absolutely! We only use organic methods to promote to real people, and we've never had an artist flagged for fake streams as a result of our camapigns. Your campaign always has the possibility of performing better or worse, but we strive to do the best we can. But it is indeed an organic promotion. We cannot force people to like your track, but we can do our absolute best to ensure it gets seen and considered by the right people.

Can I see some results you've gotten for other artists? Yes! Go to the page of the marketing feature you're interested in, and scroll to the bottom until you see 'Past Results'. You can also go to the 'Case Studies' page to see results for specific artists.

Where do you advertise my music? We advertise through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Spotify using native ads. You’ve probably seen many native ads across the internet, especially on big news sites. It’s our proprietary system of programmatic native ads that achieves this cost-effective type of campaign, alongside with our network of independent playlist curators.

For how long does my promotion run? It depends on which type of campaign you're running and the size of the budget. The larger the budgets, the longer the campaigns run for.

Do you use any type of bots? Heck-to-the NO. We don’t ever send bots or any type of fake engagement. All campaigns are based on a combination of native advertising and track distribution to playlist curators, according to the chosen campaign. Our services fully comply with Spotify’s terms of service. Still not convinced? Check out all our Artist Reviews on our Testimonials page!

Can I make money with this promotion? All our promotions are 100% royalty eligible, so you won’t face any problems in regards to collecting royalties. Please contact your music distributor to know more about how royalties work.

FAQ - Social Media Growth

What types of social media promo do you offer? 1. Instagram 2. Youtube 3. TikTok

Why are these campaigns SO effective? Because we use these custom social media strategies that we came up with to grow our personal pages! We have zero interest in fake followers of any kind, because they can't become realy fans who supporrt your music career. So unlike other companies, everything we do is 100% legit.

How long does this campaign go for? It will depend on the campaign and budget size.

Contact the A-Team

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