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About Us

At The Anthem Co, we believe that the music industry should be accessible to all artists, regardless of their background or connections. That's why we offer a range of high level marketing and label services that help artists at all stages level up their careers.

We're a full-service record label and act as a one-stop shop for artists, managers, and labels.  Whether you need music marketing, catalog advances, or even just advising and education, our goal is to help you get to where you want to go, faster.  Simply put, we help artists grow. 

How It All Started

The Anthem Co was founded by two friends who first met in college (originally as architect majors) when they partnered up to create a dueling electric guitar show for their school talent competition.  Soon after, they both switched to Music Business and Entrepreneurship majors, and a few years later, after both moving to Nashville to work in different sides of the music industry, they both became members and owners of the same band, Mass Anthem.  In 2020, after being passed on by record labels and having every show canceled during covid, they seized the opportunity and spent their time off the road learning how to grow artist brands and effectively market music to substitute live show income.  After successfully growing their band Mass Anthem to become one of the highest streamed CCM Spotify artists in the world, they launched their full-service music marketing agency and record label, The Anthem Co., to help thousands of other artists do the same.


With years of combined experience across the music industry, and a passion for disrupting the status quo, Jason Braun and Joey Cobra (aka Braun and Cobra ... or 'The Architects') teamed up to create something which empowers both established and emerging artists by opening up previously closed doorways and putting artists in the driver’s seat.  Scroll down to meet the founders.  

Meet The Founders

Jason Braun lower2.jpg

Jason Braun

Co-Founder, Head of Artist Relations, Head of Pop Music Division



Joey Cobra

Co-Founder, Head of Operations, Head of Christian Music Division


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