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Song Swap

*For ArtistPoolers and Advanced Marketing Artists Only*
Swap out ArtistPool or Advanced Marketing songs with new releases!


1) Use the 'Song Swap Form' below to submit your new release link(s) and specify which current song(s) you would like to swap out.

2) If you want to swap out multiple songs, please resubmit the form for each song.

Important Notes:

1. Songs are reviewed and swapped every Friday. Songs submitted on Friday after 5PM (US Central time) will be swapped and/or launched the following Friday.

2. Our team reserves the right to not approve a swap if it doesn't meet the quality requirements for its genre (this goes for production and lyrics).  If a swap is not approved, we will continue pushing your previous song as usual.  (You may also sign up for a song review for specific feedback on why your song was not approved.)

3. Just because a previous song landed certain playlists does NOT guarantee all your future swaps will land those same playlists.  If our curators don't believe the song is a right fit sonically or doesn't meet the quality standards, it will not be added to their playlists.  

Song Swap
Song Swap Form
Which marketing feature is this song in?

Thanks for swapping!

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