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Looking for Valuable Feedback on your Song?

Here’s how it works:


Our team will listen to your mix, demo, and/or even your voice memo and offer constructive feedback on the following:

- Engagement - How well does your song engage the listener?  I.e. intro, chorus, hook, overall energy/vibe

- Production - How well is the song mixed and produced? Arrangement and structure?  Does this sound like it belongs with the best in the genre? 

- Songwriting - Is your message communicated with clarity and focus?  How about rhyme scheme, meter, and rhythm?  Is it creative and fresh?

- Musicianship - Does the playing/programming reflect professionalism?  Is it tasteful and appropriate for the type of song and genre? 

- Vocals - Is the song performed with "believability"?  Are the melodies tasteful?  Looking for emotion, passion, grit, etc. 

- Any other relevant info we may have!


You keep 100% of your royalties. TAC is here to help YOU, the artist!

Note: this is only a song review and does not include any type of playlist pitching or marketing support.  You will typically receive your review within a week.

Cost per review is $49. (no refunds offered after a review is booked)

Thanks for submitting!

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