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Best Youtube Promotion in 2023 🏆

YouTube Ads Campaign

Drive more views and traffic to your music videos!


One of the fastest and most cost-effective methods of gaining views for your music and videos on YouTube is Youtube ads. YouTube ads enable your music and videos to appear in front of millions of people without breaking the bank. Our team has worked on thousands of youtube campaigns and know how to get you the best results for the lowest costs.


  • 4k-8K VIEW CAMPAIGN:         $275

  • 10k-15K VIEW CAMPAIGN:     $400

  • 20k-30K VIEW CAMPAIGN:     $775

  • 55k-75K VIEW CAMPAIGN:     $1,250

  • 85k-100K VIEW CAMPAIGN:   $1,600

  • 200k-250K VIEW CAMPAIGN: $2,800

  • 450k-500K VIEW CAMPAIGN: $4,500

  • 1M+ VIEW CAMPAIGN:           $8,250

  • Need a year-long campaign? Check out our discounted rates HERE! 


If you manage multiple artists, contact us to schedule a free call to lock in your 10% discount on all One-Off services, including Youtube Promotion!


1) Fill out the form below and submit.

2) Your campaign will begin 7-10 days (often within 1 week) from the chosen Friday we start

3) We'll give you your follow-up results when it concludes!

YouTube Ads Campaign Form

Thanks for submitting! Someone from our team will be in touch with you soon!

Past Results

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Example 1: Valor by Mariannah y Diego (Spanish Christian, 1M campaign)

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