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Best artist and musician funding in 2023 🏆

Anthem Advance

Don't sell your life's work. Lease it. 

Let our network of private investors fund your future work and grow your back catalog by leasing your old music.  You get the upfront capital needed to grow your career how you need to now, AND you still keep your masters. *Mic Drop*

The Fastest And Easiest Way To Fund Your Music Career! 

Let's cut to the chase.  You love making music, but making music is expensive.  And so is hiring the right people with the right skills to do all the things you can't do (but need to do) to turn your business into a successful career.  And sure kickstarters and those types of things do sometimes work out, but they require a TON of planning and time and energy to set up, not to mention fulfilling on all the donation tier awards.  And asking your friends and family to invest in and fund your music career is a fantastic way to 1) low-key feel like a loser and 2) make things hella awkward.  So the question is, how can artists just like you raise the money you need to fast-track your career growth without giving up all your time and energy and resources to do it?  ANSWER: Lease your back catalog.  

We have a network of highly influential investors who are interested in investing in YOUR music via a Music Lease Advance.  So what does that mean? 


It means that you can receive a (very large) upfront advance payment in exchange for leasing your music for 5 years, and after our investors recoup the lump sum advance they gave you, it's a 70/30 split in your favor for the remainder of the 5 year agreement.  And here's the best part: after 5 years is up, you get 100% master ownership (aka revenue) back. (Yup.  And it gets even better.)

Because here's the thing, our investors aren't just leasing your music and doing nothing with it, because our investors aren't your "typical investors".  They're VERY seasoned music industry leaders and titans who use their influence, relationships, resources, and expertise to open up all the available revenue streams, and their goal is to grow the value of your back catalog 20-40% over the 5 years.  Which means they're growing its value and MAXIMIZING your music's revenue (and by default growing your brand for you), and when the 5 year lease agreement is up and you regain 100% ownership, it will be worth a lot more than it would have been had you just held onto it.  So in 5 years you get a much needed lump sum advance, 70% of a much higher revenue stream (after recoupment), and then 100% ownership of a now MUCH more valuable asset.

Essentially, our investors are borrowing your Toyota Camry and then returning a G-Wagon in its place. 🚗

It's like getting the benefit of a record label, except YOU are the one owning the music and your brand and keeping the lion's share profit at the end of the day.  And BONUS: you also keep 100% of your physical rights throughout the 5 years, which means you can still create CDs and Vinyls of your music to sell at your live shows, and you keep 100% of those CD/Vinyl sales. Win freakin' win.

The deals look like this:


Term: 5 years (100% of rights return to you after the term)

Advance: $xxx,xxx USD (estimation, with a recent statement we can give an exact offer/quote for free)

Split: 70/30 royalty in your favor, once advance is recouped, for the remainder of the 5 years

Options: None. We only license the catalogue and you are free to continue to release new music on your own. 

Physical rights: None, you keep all physical rights (so you can keep selling CD’s and Vinyls and keep 100% of the profit)


If you are making at least $1,000+ per month from your music streaming and purchases (a combo of Spotify, Amazon, Apple, etc.) or have at least around 100k monthly Spotify listeners, we'd love to get you a free quote to see what your music catalog is worth, and then schedule a FREE follow-up consult (yes, we said free) with you and our team to answer more questions.  After that, it's up to you to decide what you want to do!  Either hold onto it and go about your business as usual, OR lease it and use the funds to fast-track your career growth.  You've got nothing to lose and literally everything to gain. 

Have questions?  Click here to check out our FAQ 'Funding and Advances' page, because we've got answers. 

How this works:

1) Fill out the form below.  Y
ou must be making at least $1,000+ per month or have minimum 100k monthly Spotify listeners to be considered for a lease advance.  The more monthly income and listeners you have, the higher your advance quote will be! 
2) If you fit the requirements, a rep from our team will reach out to you to schedule a 20-30 min Zoom follow-up call with further instructions and to answer any questions in more detail.

Files needed to proceed:

1. 6 months (minimum) of music distribution statements (Distrokid, Tunecore, CD Baby, etc.) Uploaded as a csv file.  You can find this in your music distributor's account.
2. A screenshot of your most recent source of Spotify streams found in your Spotify For Artists Account.  Below is a perfect example of what we're looking for.

3. FYI you will need to add a couple emails as "viewers only" to your Spotify for Artists when the time comes. 

NOTE: We cannot quote your music without your revenue statements and source of streams screenshot. They must be included in the form upload.

Advance Form
Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 3.25.00 PM.png
Fill out this form to get your free quote!

Thanks for submitting! A team member will reach out to you soon!

Past Advancs

Past Artist Advances (Spotify Playlist)

Here's a few of the past artists we've done back catalog leasing deals with already!

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