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Best Lyric Translation Service in 2023 🏆

Anthem Translate

Double the Releases.  Double the Streams.  Double the Fans.

After you spend thousands of dollars writing and producing a song, it's a waste to only get 1 release out of it, especially when there's audiences in other languages that want to hear it!  That's why you should be translating your English songs into Spanish and releasing a second Spanish version!  Double the bang for your buck.  

We developed Anthem Translate after using this EXACT service in-house to create Spanish translations of our English Anthem Worship songs and launch them under our Spanish equivalent, Anthem Worship Español.  And we quickly realized every artist should be doing this. 

English to Spanish translations only 
Available for all genres (no explicit lyrics)

The Process

1. Fill out the form below and make sure to include a PDF of your song's lyrics (make sure they're accurate!), the Master WAV file, AND the instrumental backing track to the song (song must already be released).  This is to ensure the cleanest translation possible.

2. Our team will respond via email if it's approved or not and will send the final invoice for payment. 

3. Once final invoice is paid, our translators will work to get the song translated.  This can take up to two weeks, depending on availability. 

4. Once the song is fully translated, you will receive a final PDF with Spanish lyrics + the instrumental with the new spanish vocals sung over the top (to assist with pronunciation and phrasing).  Note: vocals will be sung by our female translator.

5. The baseline price for this service is $597.  If after this point you require more assistance, you may purchase additional time via the rates below: 

- Additional time: $150 per hour (minimum 1 hour) 

- Additional Final Song Review (after vocals are recorded): $150 

Price: $597
Includes: PDF lyrics + Spanish example lyrics sung over instrumental track

Fill out and submit the form below with detail. 
Will you want additional help in the recording process?

Thanks for submitting!

Past Translations

Known (English)


(Spanish Translation)

Worship Songs (English)

Worship Songs (Spanish Translation)

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