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Anthem Affiliate Program
(Beta Testing Phase)

Here's an opportunity for music industry influencers to help other artists grow while receiving commissions on referrals.

We're looking to partner with seasoned and reputable Producers, Managers, Coaches, and Music Influencers with large/consistent streams of artist clients in need of top tier music marketing services!


Here’s how it works: 

1. Fill out the form below for approval (Spots are limited in the beta testing phase!).

2. Refer your artist clients to our services (we'll give them a free zoom call/strategy consult when they reach out via the 'Contact Form' and mention you in the "referred by" section!), and when they put your name in the referred section under the first marketing campaign they purchase, you will get 10% of that first-time marketing sale in commissions via ACH transfer the end of the following month.


Note: this only pays commissions on the first campaign for artists who are brand new to TAC.  If an artist has already worked with TAC, they do not count.  Also, if an artist comes back to us after your first campaign referral is complete (which you got paid for), you do not get commissions on the second, third, fourth, etc. campaigns of that artist.  This is a one-time referral commission for their first campaign, not a lifetime referral commission.  



  • Long-Term Marketing Features: 10% of the total 1st year of marketing (first-time sales only)

  • Short-Term Marketing Features (One-Offs): 10% of the total one-time payment (first-time sales only)

  • Catalog Advances/Sales: 10% TAC's total commission 


  • If approved, we will need you to fill out a banking form for all ACH transfers 

  • Any artist you refer must include your name in the ‘referral’ section of the marketing form for it to count towards your commission!

  • We prefer that our Affiliate members have used and experienced positive results with our features before referring other artists!  

  • The 10% commission is based off the total TAC profit, not the listed marketing price on the website.

Interested in joining the Anthem Affiliate program? Please fill out the form below for consideration.

Anthem Affiliate - Signup

Thanks for submitting!

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