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Artist Turnaround

Let us turn your music career around!

So you saved up and poured all your time and energy and money into recording and releasing an awesome project, thinking that it was going to be your big break, right?  But instead of it blowing up it sort of just did okay for a while and then fizzled out ...  so you assumed that it must not have been good enough, so you moved on and created more new music.  And now you find yourself with lots of old but great music released, but almost zero monthly Spotify listeners. 


What if we had a way to resurrect your old, seemingly dead projects and breathe new life back into you as an artist, one that wouldn't cost you any money or require any of your time and effort, AND you'd even get paid in the process??

Well that's EXACTLY what Artist Turnaround is for.

Who's it for?

If you have old, under-performing (but high quality!) songs/EP's/Albums released that you moved on from long ago after they fizzled out and died, we want to buy them from you and in the process help re-grow your Spotify artist brand by marketing and growing the music!  Basically, we want to turn things around for you as an artist.


Think of us as your handy dandy defibrillator. Let us jump start your artist career back into new life!


1) You get a cash buyout on old and dead projects that are making zero money (cash that you can use for new releases!)

2) We take on all the risk and invest significant time and energy and marketing resources into growing these old projects!

3) You still keep and fully own 100% of your artist brand (we just own the music projects we buy!)

4) Your artist streaming profiles (like Spotify) will naturally start to gain organic growth during and after a turnaround, opening up opportunities to release new music to a now growing and active audience and fan base!


5) You get to leverage your new success for more industry opportunities (Shows with higher pay rates, collaborations with bigger artists, pub deals, sync deals, new music for your newly growing audience, etc.)!


  1. Fill out the form below and include links to your "dead" projects.  If it includes lots of singles or isn't just an EP or Album, make a playlist of all the music and upload that playlist link.

  2. We'll review your music, and if we're interested in discussing more, someone on our team will reach out to schedule a call and discuss next steps in detail!

Artist Turnaround Submission Form

Thanks for submitting! Someone from our team will be in touch with you soon!

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