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Best Music Publishing in 2023 🏆

Music Publishing Admin Services

Start collecting ALL your music's revenue, today!

Here's a fun fact: Any publishing revenue generated by songs over 3 years old, that isn't claimed by the artist who owns it within 3 years, is paid back out to industry based on market share (not music ownership), and that money is gone forever.  As in the artist can never claim that money that was rightfully theirs, again! 


If you don't have ALL your publishing bases covered, then that artist mentioned above is unfortunately you, and you're missing out on a lot of money.

That's why we want to connect you with our Anthem Publishing Admin partners and help you start collecting your hard earned royalties today!  



1) You no longer feed the industry machine with your hard earned publishing dollars and you start getting that money sent back to you!

2) Our partners typically only take 15-20% for a 3-4 year agreement, which means after we get our 10% cut for connecting you, you still keep 65-70% of your publishing income.

3) They collect from: PRO's (BMI/ASCAP), mechanicals, international + neighboring rights, performance international, syncronization (plus a few more), and can even collect on the masters side from SoundExchange, YT content ID, etc.

4) Publishing admin royalties under their guidance tend to grow 20% each consecutive year.

5) The average publishing advance is between $1,000 - $10,000. (Artists around 500k monthly Spotify listeners tend to get around $10,000-$30,000 in advances, on average.)

6) Our publishing admin partners rank in the top 20 of all publisher admins in the world, and have even helped artists like Drake and Kanye (amongst many other A-listers).


1) This is NOT a publishing deal.  It's a publishing admin deal.  You as the artist still keep 100% ownership of your music, and you're simply hiring a team that specializes in collecting all the revenue for you, for a certain period of time.

2) Not every artist will be eligible for a publishing advance, especially if the artist already has another publishing admin deal that must first finish out its term!  

What do we get for helping you take control over your publishing income?  We simply take a small 10% publishing royalty commission + a 10% commission on the advance (if there is one).

NOTE: You will not be pressured into signing a deal with our partners.  They'll simply assess your situation and see if they can offer you a publishing admin deal that makes sense for you, and if not, you are free to move on!  

Interested in getting connected for a FREE call with our publishing partners?  Just fill out this form.

Thanks for submitting!

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