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Advanced Launch - give yourself a boost 🚀

Boost your upcoming Single/EP/Album with our newest and most advanced launch feature, Moon Launch! 🚀

Here's the deal

The first 72 hours are THE most important time for a new release in Spotify (more info on why that is here), and this feature is a proven way that we and many artists and record labels all around the world use to launch our artists' music (and our personal music), successfully. 

How it works

We create and run a 1 week (7 day) Facebook Marketing Campaign custom created specifically for your song only.  Our team creates 5-6 custom 15 second video ads and then puts $175 ($25 per day) into setting up, running, and monitoring your campaign to your ideal Spotify audience, with the goal of pushing as many people to your music in the first 72 hours to one week as possible, getting your song 'SCORE' and save rate up to trigger consistent growth from Spotify.  

But does it really work?

Yes. Yes it does.  Here's our personal experiences. 

Can't I just do this myself?

Heck yeah you can, and believe it or not we actually recommend that (we'll even teach you exactly how to it all, step by step, in our courses).  But there's a pretty steep learning curve and a lot of expenses required to make it happen (i.e. buying/learning video editing software, buying a custom domain, monthly subscriptions for custom music landing pages, getting pixel tracking linked up, and of course creating and mastering your Facebook Ads Manager account).  If you're the DIY type and you're up for all that, awesome.  But if not, that's why we're here.

Is it only for new releases? 

No way, Jose.  We use these for older releases as well, because it's never too late to trigger the algorithms, especially if the song is performing better than your other songs.  But we frequently use this for new releases. 

Is this similar to the Apollo Launch? 

Yes and no.  Both help launch your music, but it different ways.  This Moon Launch focuses only on running a custom campaign to generate custom traffic directly to your song.  The other Apollo Launch focuses only on getting your music pitched and placed in our 150k+ follower playlist network.  But you are more than welcome to double down and sign up for both at once.

This MOON Launch feature includes: 

A 1 week, custom Facebook Marketing Campaign for your song/EP/Album with all set-up, running and monitoring handled by our in-house Digital Marketing Managers

5-6 custom ads created for your specific campaign, featuring your song

A follow-up email with the results achieved from your campaign 

1 Release day IG story post (with swipe up link) and IG page post 

1 Email blast to our email list with artist info and Spotify artist page link


Submit your songs to our review team via the form below, and if and when approved, they’ll respond with an invoice and next steps for launch (invoice must be paid in order to reserve your launch date)! If your date is not available, they will respond with an invoice for the next closest date available.


Note: This is a $500 paid feature per song, $175 of which goes into your campaign. There is a nonrefundable downpayment of $25, which will be subtracted from the total if your song/EP/album is approved.


Caleb & Bethany

It's been absolutely seamless working with Anthem Collective and we see the value. As new artists on the scene, they’ve been a huge help.



I’ve partnered with the TAC Launch Team on a number of my music releases, and I’ve been more than pleased with the outcome! Everyone is so pleasant to work with, and the promo content they produce is exceptionally done. Working with The Anthem Collective has expanded my audience, and helped me reach more hearts with my positive message. I’ll no doubt continue to enlist the expertise of the TAC Launch Team for many of my future endeavors!



Ready, set, LAUNCH! I love love love this feature. It really helps create traction on release day and you're able to confidently release your music knowing that it will be heard!


Launch Sign-up Form

Add-on features:

We create and publish a custom video of your song on our official Youtube channel and share it to the Mass Anthem FB account (140k+ followers), and we use the funds to market it to your ideal audience. Expected YT view count: 7k-15k+ views (results may vary per genre). We include links to your Spotify and Apple Music profiles.

Coupon code and further instructions will be emailed after submission.


What can a ‘Deep Dive’ cover? All of this (and more!):

1. Branding - Name/Look/Sound/Short term and long term strategies, etc.

2. Business Practices - LLC setup, Website Tips/Building, Email Lists and Strategies, Record Labels, Showcase Strategies, Live Show Strategies, etc.

3. Social Media - TikTok, Youtube, IG, FB, Content Creation, Strategies, etc.

4. Spotify Analytics - We dive into your Spotify data and help you develop an effective marketing strategy based off your specific audience data.

5. Touring/Booking Shows - Where to get started based on your situation, creating an EPK, emailing process, how to find shows, etc.

6. Anything else you’re interested in!

The fine writers at The Daily Strumble will publish a creative article about you and your new release (with link to your music), and release it to their audience (plus we'll share it, of course). Note: they are a satirical/entertainment news source, so the article will be funny/dramatic/entertaining and 100% unique from any other traditional write-up online!

Thanks for submitting!

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