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Only 5 Spots Left!

Only 5 Spots Left!

YouTube Growth Machine

Available Early 2023

Accelerate your Youtube growth with Organic Content, Google Ads, Algorithm Strategies, Youtube Cheat Codes, and an easy-to-follow game plan.


Sick of not being able to get your Youtube videos to grow?  Not sure which types of content work best to grow your channel?  Confused on how to correctly use Youtube and google to promote your new music??


Wouldn’t it be MORE fun if you had:


  • the perfect Youtube channel based around YOU and the content you already love to create

  • the know-how to fully take advantage of Youtube's algorithm and push audiences to your music

  • a REAL youtube fan base that generates REAL monthly income that FUNDS your music career

  • sponsors reaching out to pay and partner with you on your videos

  • the ability to get 100k+ views on any video whenever you want

  • a step-by-step playbook to take you from Youtube amateur to Youtube pro?



Now is a great time to learn how to grow and make money on Youtube.  We’ve used the methods in this course to grow our own personal Mass Anthem Youtube channel to 10k+ followers with very minimal effort and attention, we’ve grown other Youtube channels that generate $1k+ per month, we run marketing campaigns for artists all over the world that gain hundreds of thousands of views per month per campaign with affordable budgets and minimal effort, we've helped tons of artists identify and set up their go-to revenue streams for their youtube channel funnels, and now we’re showing you exactly how to do it all. The advantage that you have is that you'll get results WAY faster, because there is no guesswork whatsoever!

Pre-Order Price: $149
(Originally $299)

The 'YouTube Growth Machine' Course Includes:

1. How Youtube Works

  • The Business

  • Youtube for Consumers

  • Youtube for Artists and Influencers

2. Your Channel

  • Walkthrough and Setup

  • Channel Topics

3. Content

  • Ideas and Examples

  • Things you need

4. Funnels and Revenue Streams

  • What are they

  • Ideas and Examples

5. Google Ads

  • Walkthrough and Setup

  • Setting up your first ads

6. Monitoring and Tracking Performance

  • How to make sure things work WELL (includes FREE tracking templates)

7. Youtube Cheat Codes

  • Top Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Loop Holes to grow your channel

8. Youtube Growth Playbook

  • An easy-to-follow game plan to use all of this course information to accelerate your Youtube growth, starting wherever you are at 

​9. FAQ

  • We answer all your questions BEFORE you even know to ask them 


10. Course Assets

  • All course links, PDFs, Templates, and additional resources

  • Also includes Deals, Discounts, and Opportunities ONLY AVAILABLE for course members


  • Free intro into our Spotify Growth Machine course (HIGHLY recommended)


NOTE: Includes lifetime course access (which includes all updates) and lifetime access to our community of artists just like you, where you’ll be able to ask questions and interact with us and the community.

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