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Best Music Marketing and Label Services in 2023 🏆

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Playlist Placements | Ad's Growth Campaigns | Collabs | Distribution | Advances & Funding

Served nearly 1,000 artists, bands and labels


Ultra Targeted Music Promotion Services

Grow your streams (and revenue), expand your audience, and multiply your royalty income from streaming platforms with authentic and targeted music promotion.

Label Services

Fund your career via catalog leasing advances, collaborate with our artists on future songs, make 10-15% more $ per stream and activate discovery mode via our in-house distribution, and more!

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Production Services

Build your brand as a successful artist with the highest quality song production and lyrics! 

Music Education to level up FAST (Coming Soon)

Everything you need to know to turn your music into a successful career, on your own terms! 

  • Artist Revenue Streams Course

  • Artist Branding Course 

  • 100M Streams: How to Win at Spotify (Without a Label) Course

  • Strategy/Consulting

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Join Our Growing Music Community

The Anthem Network exists as a free resource for artists and musicians, producers, writers, and all other like-minded creatives to connect and collaborate, any time from anywhere. 


Join our free Discord Community to be part of our growing network!  Artist retreats, writer's rounds, and lots more coming soon.

Why Choose The Anthem Co.?

TAC is not your generic music promotion website. We are a complete & unique music marketing agency.


According to our clients, our main differentiators are that 1) our services provide 100% real and safe results by building a genuine fan base that lasts, and 2) we are REAL people who have personally had REAL success with both our own artists' music and our clients' music, and our team is available for you to reach out to with questions!  

We focus on offering a personalized service that caters to the specific needs of each client, in addition to providing white-glove quality customer service and over-the-top satisfaction guarantee.

Established Team

We are a team of experienced artists, marketers, and consultants that know business and promotion inside out, allowing us to deliver real results.

Trusted Experience

We’ve grown reputable artist brands across many genres and helped nearly 1,000 artists overcome growth plateaus and build the following they needed to become full-time musicians.

Platform Compliant

Unlike most other promotion companies out there, we use absolutely zero bots or fakes to perform any of our services.

Find More Money

We help artists and businesses break open and grow as many revenue streams as possible, allowing them to self-fund their passions and keep 100% of the results!

Your Complete Music Marketing Agency

We help you establish your reputation, leverage social proof to promote your talent, and amass attention, streams, and followers that will push your career forward!

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Ads for your songs will only be shown to listeners that are perfectly suited to become your ideal fans as we leverage your music genre, keywords, demographics, and interest targeting.

Consistent & Trackable Results

You get to track and verify the engagement we generate for you directly from your Spotify and Youtube platform analytics. In other words, we absolutely guarantee that you’re not paying for fakes and bots.

Budget Friendly Plans

Our plans are designed to suit any artist who wants to get their music heard by more targeted listeners.  From up-and-coming musicians to established artists.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying...

We’re proud to have helped nearly 1,000 musicians and we aim to keep expanding our solutions to include more platforms, better strategies, and develop more successful artists. Read all our testimonials and reviews HERE. 💪🏻


I am writing to recommend The Anthem Collective's fantastic job in their DEEP DIVE service. Their social marketing expertise and collaborative and innovative spirit made my time with them extremely useful. It's like having your full-time Marketing Manager and go-to expert a phone call away. They prepare before the meeting and have ready-to-implement forward-thinking strategies in hand for you. Our sessions are detail-oriented and organized and provide open and constructive feedback, making our business relationship effortless and pleasant.
I recommend DEEP DIVE to any artists looking for thoughtful, in-depth discussions. I love these guys!

*Started at 10k monthly Spotify listeners, now at 120k+! 


Joey and Jason were amazing from the start. They helped us believe in our music and get some stuff going that we didn’t know how to do on our own. They have so much wisdom and guidance in the music industry and are so committed to what they do. Very thankful for them and so happy we did Deep Dive with them when we did!

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The Anthem Collective (TAC) has been massively helpful in our mission to make TFW's music available to a wide, international audience. More than just streams, we've been able to reach a large audience of unique listeners of virtually every age group across the globe - and in a much shorter time than we possibly could have without their promotional help. It's been an outstanding partnership!

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We've worked with TAC for a little over 2 years now, and there's literally no going back.  Everything's so much easier when we don't have to think about the marketing aspects at all.  Just release the music and they get it heard!  With TAC's help, we've triggered the Spotify algorithm more than we ever imagined possible, and went from 200k monthly listeners when we started 2 years ago, to now over 1M+ 🤯 🙌🏻  HIGHLY recommend the Anthem Silver and Anthem Gold advanced marketing plans. 


Ready, set, LAUNCH! I love love love this feature. It really helps create traction on release day and you're able to confidently release your music knowing that it will be heard!


It's been absolutely seamless working with Anthem Collective and we see the value. As new artists on the scene, they’ve been a huge help.

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Here's a few of the incredible artists we work with!

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