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Grow your audience with our promotional services.

The Anthem Co empowers artists and labels through high quality, organic music promotion.

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average rating is 3 out of 5

Remnant House

Anthem are by far the best Christian marketing service out there! I’ve worked with many others and their results are far beyond what anyone else has achieved for me. Their team has exceptional strategy and insights into a personalized approach for each artist. They truly understand how to grow artists and provide packages that help trigger the Spotify algorithm. If you’re on the edge about trying out their services you 100% need to try them out!

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average rating is 3 out of 5

Nick Akin

It has been a blessing to work with The Anthem Co. These guys flat out know how to market music. They helped me launch my first two solo singles and the results were absolutely amazing! I am now utilizing Anthem Silver in conjunction with some occasional Spotify Bundles for my first solo album and the results continue to be phenomenal. Not to mention, any time you get to have a zoom call, it’s like you’re catching up with friends. They are down to earth, humble, and encouraging guys to talk to. I can tell you, if you are looking for a team to market your music the right way, to REAL listeners, The Anthem Co. is simply the best!

average rating is 3 out of 5

Rise & Rejoice Music

Working with Anthem has been an incredible experience. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They take time to answer all questions and have provided our band with valuable and practical strategies to expand our reach. In addition, they are flexible and always do their best to accommodate requests. I highly recommend them to any artist looking to take their artistry to the next level.

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average rating is 3 out of 5

Alisha Eich

Working with Anthem Co has been a really amazing first time experience. Feeling personally cared for and encouraged as well as getting my song into so many new audiences playlists was so great. Marketing has always been a road block for me and I feel like I’ve found a good avenue forward.

Why Choose The Anthem Co.?

The Anthem Co is not your generic music promotion website. We are a complete & unique music marketing agency.


According to our clients, our main differentiators are that 1) Our services provide 100% real and safe results by building a genuine fan base that lasts,

2) We are REAL people who have personally had REAL success with both our own artists' music and our clients' music, and

3) Our team is available for you to reach out to with questions!

We focus on offering a personalized service that caters to the specific needs of each client, in addition to providing white-glove quality customer service and over-the-top satisfaction guarantee.

Established Team

We are a team of experienced artists, marketers, and consultants that know the music business and promotion inside out, allowing us to deliver real results.

Trusted Experience

We’ve grown reputable artist brands across many genres and helped 1,000+ artists overcome growth plateaus and build the following they needed to become full-time musicians.

Platform Compliant

Unlike most other promotion companies out there, we use absolutely zero bots or fakes to perform any of our services.

Find More Money

We help artists and labels break open and grow as many revenue streams as possible, allowing them to self-fund their passions and keep 100% of the results!

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Your Complete Music Marketing Agency

We help you establish your reputation, leverage social proof to promote your talent, and amass attention, streams, and followers that will push your career forward!

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Ads for your songs will only be shown to listeners that are perfectly suited to become your ideal fans as we leverage your music genre, keywords, demographics, and interest targeting.

Consistent & Trackable Results

You get to track and verify the engagement we generate for you directly from your Spotify and Youtube platform analytics. In other words, we absolutely guarantee that you’re not paying for fakes and bots.

Budget Friendly Plans

Our plans are designed to suit any artist who wants to get their music heard by more targeted listeners.  From up-and-coming musicians to established artists.

Here's a few of the incredible artists we work with!

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