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Knowledge is power. 

So you KNOW you're meant to do music, but you just don't know HOW to get started, or HOW to do it really well, right?  Or maybe you’re more established but sick of depending on other people to grow your music career for you.  Wherever you’re at with music, we can help.  

Our bands get over 13 million combined Spotify streams per year, we've grown a playlist network of 150k+ followers, we've helped hundreds and hundreds of artists/bands across a variety of genres and ages grow their music, and we'll show you everything we know.  

Welcome to the Anthem Academy. 

Anthem Academy - Courses



I was super excited to dive into Anthem Collective’s new playlist course. I have been using their advertising services and wanted to dive deeper into my own advertising knowledge. I was completely blown away by the course material and layout. Everything was explained very simply and I was able to put what I learned into play very quickly. I have been pushing two different playlists for two months. One I started at zero and have almost hit 500 subscribers and the other has grown by 400! Not only that but I have experienced an 18% Instagram follower growth and an 8% Spotify follower growth.

I would definitely recommend this course. It’s rare to find generosity these days, and The Anthem Collective has truly shown they want to partner rather than just take your money.

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