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A better way to promote your music. Created by artists, for artists.

Currently only available for approved CCM/Worship Artists

Cost: $1,000 per year for 1 song

Used and approved by over 300 Artists!

If you have lots of great music released on Spotify but it isn’t performing well, then before you go and invest MORE money and time into writing and producing MORE new music, consider the fact that you likely don’t have a “music quantity” problem.  You have a music MARKETING problem.  And we designed ArtistPool to be an easy and affordable solution.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Here's the secret to Spotify success: The SINGLE most valuable thing you can do to grow on Spotify is to get your music on relevant playlists that fit your genre really really well.  Then you just need to stay on them long enough that your music gets associated with your ideal Similar Artists and Ideal Listeners.  If you can do that, it’s only a matter of time before the Spotify algorithm steps in, takes all that accumulated data, and boosts it to the right audiences. (We explain this in detail in our Case Studies, HERE.)


This is EXACTLY what we built ArtistPool to do: trigger the Spotify algorithm.  You submit a song, and once approved, our team pitches it to our Playlist Network and works to keep it consistently pitched and placed on ideal genre playlists over the course of a year.  Which means you don’t have to do any cold instagram reach-outs to curators, and you can even swap out your song for new releases at any time, for FREE, via our Song Swap/Launch portal.

NOTE: pitching placements are never guaranteed and are in line with Spotify's policies.

We've used ArtistPool to help hundreds of artists begin to trigger the Spotify algorithm via consistent play-listing for a year at a time.  And even our advanced marketing artists who we've scaled to 30k monthly listeners, 80k monthly listeners, 2M+ monthly listeners all first started in ArtistPool.  Case Study results (click here)

So what is ArtistPool?

ArtistPool provides consistent streaming and play-listing for 1 song at a time (for one year) to your ideal audience via our playlist network with 300k+ followers, which has proven to trigger Spotify algorithmic playlists like discover weekly and radio, boosting monthly listeners, followers, and revenue. (Case Studies)


- You can swap out old songs with new releases at any time, free of charge, via Song Swap, which means new music gets heard immediately!

- Your music is consistently pitched to and placed by TAC's privately curated Spotify playlist network with 300k+ followers

- Consistent streaming to your ideal audience across many playlists has proven to trigger algorithmic streams on platforms like Spotify, boosting monthly listeners, followers, and revenue.

- You're able to see exactly which playlists you've been successfully added to within Spotify For Artists and how many streams have resulted from these playlists.

- You gain new listeners every month, and streaming bots pose no threats. Win win.


Cost: $1,000 per year for 1 song

What's AP?


Q: What genres do you support? 

A: We only focus in the CCM and Worship genres with ArtistPool.


Q: Does your playlist network use bots? 

A: Heck-to-the-no.  We’ve never had an artist flagged for fake streams from our playlist network, and we never will.  Only real listeners and fans here!  


On average, most Worship Artists get added to around 20-40+ playlists


Most artists typically renew ArtistPool for a 2nd, 3rd, and EVEN a 4th year

highly recommended

Most artists who join were referred by a friend in ArtistPool


1) This is a yearly, recurring $1,000 subscription that auto-renews every 12 months.  If you do not cancel your plan, it will renew via auto-payment and no refunds will be offered. (But the majority of artists WANT to renew!). To recap, it's $1,000 every year for 1 song. 

2) You are free to cancel at any point, but there are no refunds offered after marketing begins. 

3) We encourage artists to SWAP their songs out every 3-6 months, via Song Swap.

4) ArtistPool songs are updated every FRIDAY & SATURDAY.  If you join on a Saturday, you will need to wait until the following Friday for your marketing to begin!  Capeesh? 

5) Roughly half of the artists who submit are approved, so keep that in mind! 

6) There's a limit of 1 song per artist for the ArtistPool!

ArtistPool Form

Join ArtistPool waitlist!

Fill out this form to be added to the waitlist, and we'll let you know if you're approved for. ($5 submission fee)

Submitted. The team will add your music this Friday!



Through artist pool I’ve not only seen solid organic growth and an up-tick in streams with my content, but I’ve also met artists with similar visions and callings as myself and formed a unique community of like minded artists. How could it be better? Marketing that works and new friends!




I love working with TAC! The pools are worth it. I always enjoy my interactions with them and they care about us as artists a lot. I’ve built some great friendships with other artists and I’ve even had a few fans come and find me from their playlists. This is definitely a family you want to get in on!

Jake Fretz.jpg


One of the best decisions I made as an emerging indie artist was partnering with the TAC team. Opportunities like ArtistPool, make marketing accessible and the results are measurable. Best yet, this creative crew continues to improve on how they share music which means my experience as an artist keeps getting better. Thanks TAC for finding creative and accessible ways for us to connect with new audiences, couldn’t do it without you.


Real Hope

The Anthem Co has been an incredible and consistent resource for us as a team when it comes to promotion and marketing. We firmly believe the songs we write were meant to be listened to outside of the walls of our church, and The Anthem Co ArtistPool feature is an amazing way to make that happen. Any time you have a new release, you simply go to the song switch page and put in your song and they will help get it in playlists that people listen to. We love this amazing team!



By working with TAC, I've seen an increase in my monthly listeners and streams. Their 'Launch' marketing feature is a great way to trigger the Spotify algorithm and reach a larger audience. Also, their 'ArtistPool' is an awesome feature as it allows you to focus on your music while TAC takes care of the playlist placements and getting heard by new listeners. I would definitely recommend their service to any rising artist!

Logo W Textured wheat thicker circle.jpeg


The Anthem Collective (TAC) has been massively helpful in our mission to make TFW's music available to a wide, international audience. More than just streams, we've been able to reach a large audience of unique listeners of virtually every age group across the globe - and in a much shorter time than we possibly could have without their promotional help. It's been an outstanding partnership!


Omayra Caban

The artist pool has been a great way to promote singles through Spotify playlists. I've seen a steady increase of streams since doing it and you can even switch out songs which is a great feature as well! Def recommend!

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 4.08.54 PM.png

Artist Pool has helped me go from literally zero streams and listeners (🙈) to now 10k+ monthly listeners, with 56% coming from algorithm streams!  

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 4.13.41 PM.png

After about 1 year my Spotify algorithm streams have spiked to 64%, and I'm about to hit 10,000 monthly listeners 🙌🏻

MA logo black background.jpg

ArtistPool has played a HUGE role in helping us trigger the algorithm for our Waymaker Worship album early on and lay a consistent marketing foundation, especially when we only had a small marketing budget!  Now we do AP +  Anthem Gold yearly, and we couldn't be happier with our results.  

IMG_8069 - SQUARE.jpeg

I’ve been extremely pleased with the entire experience of working with TAC to help get the word out about my music. The Artist Pool feature is such a clever way to get artists supporting each other and the Launch campaign seriously increased the reach of my last release.

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