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Anthem Gold

The ultimate marketing push to trigger the Spotify Algorithm, offering you the full marketing power of the TAC playlist network. 

Currently Available to CCM/Worship/Christian Pop Artists ONLY

How It Works:

We oversee anywhere from a 6 month, 12 month, 18 month, or 24 month advanced marketing campaign pushing up to 10 of your songs to your ideal Spotify audience, with optional platform add-ons.  Perfect for full-length albums and artists/bands with lots of quality music and a vision worth investing in.


This service involves us pitching your top four (4) priority singles to our private Spotify playlist network with 300k+ followers, PLUS we spend 30% of your budget (usually $300 monthly) running additional advertising for up to ten (10) of your songs at once, which helps significantly increase the likelihood of triggering the algorithm and being added to editorial and algorithmic playlists.  Check out our Artist Case Study results, HERE!


- Your music is pitched to and placed by TAC's privately curated playlist network with 300k+ followers.

- **You Qualify to Request an Anthem Collab (Up to 2 songs each year!)

- You gain new listeners every month, and streaming bots pose no threats. Win win.

- You can push a full 10-song album, at once. 

- These types of campaigns tend to trigger the Spotify algorithm even more effectively, due to the additional advertising.

- Priority songs may be swapped at anytime via our Song Swap feature. 

- We've seen these Spotify campaigns spill over and spark growth in Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Youtube (see graphs).

- Feature includes one day-of-release IG post/story shoutout.

- We spend roughly 33% of your budget marketing your music with custom advertisements during the duration of time you choose, and we email you a final analytics breakdown at the end of your campaign.

- You get 10% off all One-Off campaigns

Our experience has shown 12-18 months is the ideal marketing timeframe to trigger the Spotify algorithm.  18+ Months is the extended plan we used for Punch Parade's campaign. See graph listed below, or click here to view our full Artist Case Study breakdowns!

Example: Punch Parade.

Pre-marketing push: 200+ daily streams; 2,000 monthly listeners.

Results: 7,000+ daily streams; 80,000+ monthly listeners.

* Results also spilled over into Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Youtube, significantly. See graphs below.

Note: Campaign results will vary per artist, genre, and campaign tier.

See more Artist Case Studies, HERE.

Punch Parade Campaign


24 months (contract) - $999 per month - Includes Anthem Collab

18 months (contract) - $1,099 per month (Recommended) - Includes Anthem Collab

12 months (contract) - $1,199 per month - Includes Anthem Collab

6 months (contract) - $1,499 per month

Note: Price includes a free on-boarding Zoom call to discuss marketing strategy and next steps.

Pricing Breakdown: (here's where the money goes)

33% - playlist network pitching and growth

33% - spent on advertising to grow your 10 songs (average of $300 total)

33% - advertising creation/management

Do you want all of these Anthem Gold benefits AND get to own your own playlist network?  Check out Anthem Platinum

Gold Form

The Process:





Note: There is a nonrefundable submission fee of $25.

Anthem Gold Application

Submit Your Songs

(Please list your songs in order of marketing priority)

Audiences and Locations

(Please provide as much detail in order to get the best results)

Anthem Gold Artist Results

Note: Campaign results will vary per artist, genre, and campaign tier.

#1 - Mass Anthem


Genre: CCM/Worship

Album/Project: Waymaker Worship (11 song album)

Start Date: Late 2020

Pre Campaign Monthly Listeners: 200k

Post Campaign Monthly Listeners: 1.5M+ 

Pre Campaign Followers: 15k

Post Campaign Followers: 30k+

Spotify Results Breakdown

This project launched June 2020 and was getting around 50k total streams per month.  After 1-2 years of consistent worship playlist marketing across roughly 30-50 playlists, it did a 5x to over 250k monthly album streams, with over 50% generated from the algorithm.  Although much of the growth was initially seen in the top 2 songs (Stupid Deep/Sinking Deep, Above All/All In All), the remaining 9 singles all did a minimum 2x-3x on average as well.

Then, in January 2023, Waymaker Worship album did a 16x again from 250k monthly streams to 4M+ (that's an 80x from where they started!), with Above All/All In All jumping to 80k+ daily streams and every other album song doing between 6k-50k daily streams each.  


Today, (5.5.23) Mass Anthem has over 1.5M+ monthly listeners (started at 200k, a 7.5x), their music now sits on 120k+ user playlists at any given time (growing by 2k+ per day), their Waymaker Worship album gets 5M-10M+ streams per month (a 100x from 50k monthly streams pre-marketing), 5 songs from Waymaker Worship album currently sit in the top 100 streamed CCM songs on Spotify ... at once ... (Above All/All in All hit #13, Goodness of God/O Praise the Name #78, Because He Lives/Because He lives #79, Build My Life/Living Hope #87, The Blessing/Doxology #97), and they're gaining around 100 new Spotify followers every day (2k-3k total per month). 


We fully expect and anticipate Mass Anthem to easily cross 3M+ monthly Spotify listeners (at LEAST) by mid 2023, and the sky is the limit from there.


Even though they had a large following at the time of the release, it still wasn't getting streamed enough to perform well with the algorithm.  And the songs weren't initially on very many listener playlists.  But two years of consistent placement and streaming gave Spotify enough data to start recommending their music to the ideal listeners.  It's also worth noting that we didn't anticipate Above All/All In All being the top song, but you never really know which song is going to hit!

Note: Spotify's Discovery Mode was only added into the equation for the first time in April of 2023, and Above All/All In All didn't get it activated until May of 2023, months after the HUGE algorithm jump.


#2 - SioVera


Genre: CCM/Worship

Album/Project: Worship Songs (10 song album)

Pre Campaign Monthly Listeners: 0 (brand new artist)

Post Campaign Monthly Listeners: 50k-60k+ 

Pre Campaign Followers: 0

Post Campaign Followers: 700+


Step 1: Get her music on as many worship Spotify playlists as possible and keep them there for as long as possible, all with the goal of getting her music associated with her ideal worship artists.  For this we used our yearly Anthem Gold campaigns, and got her initially placed on around 30-50 playlists.

Step 2: Collaborate SioVera with larger artists in her genre.  We collaborated her with Mass Anthem and Anthem Worship for her original worship single, 'Known'. 

Step 3: Activate Spotify's Discovery Mode via our music distribution to supercharge the algorithm.

Spotify Results

SioVera showed consistent and steady growth up until the second year, when the algorithm suddenly spiked to over 57% across all her music as a whole, causing a 3.5-5x from around 2k-3k monthly listeners to 10.6k+ monthly listeners.  The majority of her songs all "hit" the algorithm at the exact same time.  Coincidence? No such thing.

Then, we collaborated her with larger artists via The Anthem Collab for her song 'Known', which took her up to about 28k monthly listeners the month of the release.  This song is the first time she hit the editorial playlists, and this is still her highest performing song to date.  

And THEN, in March of 2023 we activated Spotify Discovery Mode via our Music Distribution, which launched her up to 45k-50k+ monthly listeners, with 64% of her Stream Sources coming from the Spotify algorithm, and her 'Worship Songs' album did a 10x from 400 daily streams to 4k+ daily streams.  After this, she released a solo single with no collaborations, and she landed her first editorial playlist on her own, which means she's officially on the editorial radar.  She is also now on over 2k user playlists. 


Her music wasn't originally on a ton of playlists (30-50 in our network), and most of her songs were on less than 100 total playlists.  But the playlists she WAS on were a great fit.  And she definitely didn't have a ton of followers, and many of her songs had been performing at very low levels for almost 2 years.  But the algorithm eventually gathered enough data to begin recommending her music to her ideal listeners, which is when she started to take off and crossed 10k+ monthly listeners, and then the collaborations and Spotify Discovery Mode shot the algorithm up to 45k-50k+ monthly listeners. 

Note: These days Spotify's Discovery Mode usually gives the average artist a 20-30% boost in streams on their songs due to the fact that so many artists are now utilizing it (as they should), but when we combined Discovery Mode with year-round, genre-specific playlisting and genre-specific collaborations for SioVera, it generated a 3x.  


We wouldn't be surprised to see her cross 100k+ monthly listeners before 2023. 

You can view SioVera's Spotify by clicking HERE.

#3 - Anaiah Nikole


Genre: CCM/Worship

Album/Project: Promises (10 song album)

Pre Campaign Monthly Listeners: 0 (brand new artist)

Post Campaign Monthly Listeners: 20k+ 

Pre Campaign Followers: 0

Post Campaign Followers: 450


The strategy for Anaiah was simple. Get her music on as many worship Spotify playlists as possible and keep them there for as long as possible, all with the goal of getting her music associated with her ideal worship artists, and we did this with our yearly Anthem Gold campaigns.  

Spotify Results

Anaiah showed consistent and steady growth throughout her first year, and at about month 6 of her second year is when the algorithm suddenly spiked to over 63% across all her music as a whole, causing a 2.5-3x from about 3k monthly listeners to just over 10k+ monthly listeners.  Many of her songs "hit" the algorithm at the same time, showing a 40-75% algorithm source of streams rate. 


Then, in April of 2023, we activated Discovery Mode via our Anthem Distribution, and as of today (5.25.23) she has over 20k monthly listeners (we started with her at ZERO btw) and is still showing steady growth. She's also about to break 1k total playlists for her album, and a couple of her songs currently have HUGE save rate spikes to over 1k per month. 

Note: she has released almost ZERO new music since this one project.  All the growth is coming from the consistent marketing we're doing for the Promises album.


Very similar to SioVera, Anaiah's didn't start on a ton of giant playlists, and many of her songs were initially on less than 100 total playlists each.  But the playlists her music is on are a great fit.  She also doesn't have a ton of followers. But again, the algorithm eventually gathered enough data to begin recommending her music to her ideal listeners, which is when she started to take off.  This goes to show that music is never "too old" to start performing well.  It just takes some time and data!


We wouldn't be surprised to see her cross 50k+ monthly listeners in 2023.  Her music is following the exact same pattern as Mass Anthem's Waymaker Worship album, and we expect similar results!

You can view Anaiah Nikole's Spotify by clicking HERE.

#4 - Mariannah y Diego



Genre: Spanish Christian

Start Date: Feb 2022

Album/Project: All Singles (no specific album)

Pre Campaign Monthly Listeners: 10k

Post Campaign Monthly Listeners: 120k+ 

Pre Campaign Followers: 477

Post Campaign Followers: 1747


The strategy for M&D was the same as with the rest: get their music on as many Spanish worship Spotify playlists (and Christian music mix playlists) as possible and keep them there for as long as possible, all with the goal of getting their music associated with her ideal Spanish Christian artists.  They first signed up for ArtistPool, later on added Anthem Silver (which is where their first big algorithm push got triggered), and then they transitioned into Anthem Gold, which is where they currently are now and where they're seeing the bulk of their current growth from.  Via Anthem Gold, we are running custom ads to their top Spotify audience locations to grow custom playlists filled with both their music and their top Similar Artists' music, PLUS we're running 24/7 Youtube ads to push their music videos, all of which has a supercharging affect on the algorithm and audience.

Additionally, in April 2023 we started utilizing our FB/IG One-Off feature for their song Entre Parades, which performed SO well that they now use the FB/IG One-Off for nearly every new release, or to boost high performing past releases. (You can see their results at the bottom of the FB/IG One-Offs page, here.)

Spotify Results

A few months into their Anthem Silver, the algorithm spiked and is now at 72% across all their music as a whole, and they did a 12x from about 10k monthly listeners to now between 100k-120k+ monthly listeners.  This caused their music to get noticed by the editorial playlists for the first time, and now they consistently land the biggest editorials in their genre with their new releases, which accounts for about 11% of their streams. 

As of May 2023, we have also been using our new IG/FB One-Off Campaign to run traffic directly to their single, Entre Paredes, which has caused it to chart in Miami, LA, and Chicago, and jump to their top streamed song. (see IG/FB One-off for results)

(Note: In their followers tracking image it appears that they may have paid for fake followers at a couple points prior to working with TAC (you'll see the unusual, square looking plateaus that shoot up and drop down), but since marketing with TAC, you'll notice a healthy and consistent upward trend in followers.  That's what you want!)


Very similar to our other artists, Mariannah y Diego's music wasn't on a ton of playlists (now 2.2k-8k playlists total, but only about 10-20 were originally from our playlist network, and their top songs are only on around 200-300 total playlists each), but the playlists their music WAS on were a perfect fit.  And again, the algorithm eventually gathered enough data to begin recommending their music to their ideal listeners based off those playlist streams, which is why things started to take off. 


We wouldn't be surprised to see M&D easily cross 200k+ monthly listeners by late 2023.

You can view Mariannah y Diego's Spotify by clicking HERE.

#5 - Punch Parade


Genre: Pop

Start Date: Dec 2020

Album/Project: 5 singles, focusing on Look At Me Now

Pre Campaign Monthly Listeners: 2k

Post Campaign Monthly Listeners: 80k+

Pre Campaign Followers: about 200

Post Campaign Followers: 1900



Punch Parade is a mainstream pop band that began marketing with us in late November, 2020 (they started in that sad looking "canyon" in the first screenshot, right before skyrocketing).  At the time, Punch Parade had just under 2k monthly Spotify listeners, and they'll tell you they felt pretty defeated after what they spent on music production and music videos.  After we worked through their data, we found that they were sitting on a song with a SIGNIFICANTLY higher save rate than all their other songs.  Even though it was only getting around 200 daily streams, we knew it was meant to perform MUCH higher. 


The goal of their marketing plan was to get their song with the highest save rate (Look At Me Now) on as many mainstream pop playlists as possible, so that their music would be associated with their ideal similar pop artists.  For this we utilized our yearly Anthem Gold campaigns.  In addition to that, we identified that their two biggest audiences for that song were located in Japan and India, so we also ran consistent One-Off Spotify FB/IG ads promoting their music to those specific locations, and we grew playlists with their hit song at the top and the rest of their singles spread throughout.

Today, we mainly focus on One-Off Spotify FB/IG ads so that we can find a much more specific pop audience.  We've tested out the US with really great results, but our main target is still Japan.  On top of that, we officially activated Spotify's Discovery Mode for Punch Parade in March of 2023, and that has consistently helped the algorithm growth as well. 

Spotify Results

Fast forward about 2.5 years form their marketing start date with TAC and they broke 87k+ monthly listeners (currently around 80k), their music is on over 15k listener playlists, and Look At Me Now is by far their break-out single and gets between 5k-7k daily streams (about 150k+ per month), about 30% of those coming from the algorithm.  We also helped them secure a significant publishing deal with the biggest and most prestigious micro sync music licensing company in the world, called MusicBed, in 2022 by leveraging their Spotify success (which in and of itself recouped the cost of the marketing and more!). 

Results (Apple Music)

The Spotify marketing also spilled over significantly into all their other music platforms.  Look At Me Now gained 134k+ Apple Music streams, 10k+ Shazams, and Punch Parade landed their first significant Apple Music playlist called TikTok by Digster Japan, all organically.  Japan is also their top country on Apple Music.

Results (Amazon Music)

Look At Me Now gained 115k+ Amazon Music streams + their Amazon Music fanbase has now grown from 100 fans to 3.6k+ fans (188 Superfans), which is the most of any of their platforms.  And this audience lines up exactly with their other platforms with Japan, India, and the US being their top countries.

Results (Youtube)

Look At Me Now has gained 200k+ organic Youtube views combined across their official music video, lyric video, and generic Distrokid video by Topic, plus they've gained just under 1,000 channel subscribers, which will soon become another revenue stream.


You only need 1 high performing song to break an artist in today's digital age!  Punch Parade only had 5 songs released at the start of our marketing (now they have 10), and the top song, Look At me Now, has carried the band.  


We anticipate Look At Me Now to go viral at some point in the near future.  It's already getting a lot of organic TikTok attention (which we've known would start to happen since day 1), and now we're more intentionally training the Spotify algorithm with more highly targeted Spotify FB/IG ads.  We wouldn't be shocked to see this song 10-20x to over 100k daily streams within 2023 and truly launch Punch Parade's career in the pop space.

You can view Punch Parade's Spotify by clicking HERE.

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