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Anthem Gold

The ultimate marketing push to trigger the Spotify Algorithm.

Currently available to select Worship artists and CCM artists ONLY

NOTE: all our services comply with Spotify's policies.  We do not guarantee streams. We do NOT use bots. Our features are built around pitching and running custom ad campaigns. 

Why Long-term marketing?

Spotify is a data game, and if an artist isn't growing on Spotify, it's simply because the artist hasn't given the algorithm enough accurate listener data (aka streams/saves/playlist ads/followers/etc.) on their music and artist profile.  Much like training a dog, we need to consistently and accurately train the algorithm for long periods of time, until it finally has enough data to understand who to confidently recommend music to. 

We found from personal experience that consistent (genre-specific) playlist support is crucial in growing an artist long-term on Spotify.  The longer you can support the songs, the bigger the long-term growth will usually be.  And when you can combine long-term support with short-term one-off campaigns to quickly dump fuel on the fire fast, it's a wildly effective combo.

Need more proof?  Go look at our Case Studies.

How's it work?

How's It work?

We oversee a 12 month advanced marketing campaign pushing 4 of your songs to your ideal Spotify audience.  This service involves us pitching your songs to our private Spotify playlist network with 300k+ followers, which drives new listeners to your music and helps increase your chances of triggering the algorithm and being added to editorial and algorithmic playlists.


1) Your music is pitched to and placed by TAC's privately curated playlist network with 300k+ followers.  You gain new listeners every month, and streaming bots pose no threats. Win win.

2) These types of campaigns tend to help trigger Spotify algorithmic streams.

3) Songs may be swapped at anytime via our Song Swap feature. 

4) Anthem Gold artists qualify to pitch for an Anthem Collab via the Anthem Collab form (1 total collab each year, unlimited pitches if you don't get approved right away, no guaranteed approvals!)

5) You get 15% off all Short-term Campaigns (we highly recommend combining these with your long-term marketing)

6) You get the benefits of the Anthem A&R Retainer, for calls with our A-team when you need them most!

**Our experience has shown 1 year minimum is the ideal marketing timeframe to most effectively trigger the Spotify algorithm, and the longer, the better.  See gold artist screenshots below, or click here to view our full Case Study breakdowns!

Gold Pricing Options

Anthem Gold Application (there is a non-refundable $25 submission fee)


Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 4.24.50 PM.png

Mariannah y Diego

I am writing to recommend The Anthem Co's fantastic job in their Anthem Advisor service. Their social marketing expertise and collaborative and innovative spirit made my time with them extremely useful. It's like having your full-time Marketing Manager and go-to expert a phone call away. They prepare before the meeting and have ready-to-implement forward-thinking strategies in hand for you. Our sessions are detail-oriented and organized and provide open and constructive feedback, making our business relationship effortless and pleasant.
I recommend Anthem Advisor Calls to any artists looking for thoughtful, in-depth discussions. I love these guys!

Marketing Features used: Anthem Gold + Anthem Advisor + Spotify FB/IG Ads One-Off has generated a 10-12x monthly listeners from 10k to 90k-120k monthly listeners (See Case Studies page for detailed breakdown)



TAC has helped me go from literally zero streams and listeners (🙈) to over 400k+ monthly listeners over the last 3 years!

Marketing Features used: Anthem Gold + Anthem Collab + Spotify Ad Studio (See Case Studies page for detailed breakdown)

Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 3.08.34 AM.png

Anaiah Nikole

"After about 1 year of Anthem Gold Anaiah's Spotify algorithm streams spiked to 64% and has consistently grown her from zero to 75k+ monthly listeners."

Marketing Features used: Anthem Gold has brought her from zero monthly listeners to now 75k+ monthly listeners (See Case Studies page for detailed breakdown)

Here's a few of the incredible artists we work with!

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