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Best Facebook/Instagram Promotion for Spotify in 2023 🏆

Spotify Facebook Campaigns

Drive direct traffic to your Spotify music, FAST.


Targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram are one of THE most powerful tools to expose your music to relevant audiences that love your style of music, and you can use them to effectively get more streams on Spotify and other streaming platforms and organically grow your following!  Our team of experts will run your campaign from start to finish with guaranteed results!  By sending all the traffic DIRECTLY to your Spotify page/song link, we will increase the amount of monthly listeners, streams, saves, organic playlist adds, and fans in general, all while helping trigger the algorithm.  BONUS: these ads are also geographically charted, giving you a chance to chart locally on streaming services with large enough campaigns! (See 'Past Results' at the bottom of the page for Spotify for Artists screenshot results!)

IMPORTANT: Song Video/Visual + Album Artwork Recommended.  We have the most success with Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns when there is a short video or at the very least a visual to include in the advertisement. 

UPDATE: due to a recent Facebook (Meta) update, we are no longer able to target any religious or spiritual interests/artists within these ads, which makes it more difficult to effectively market any faith based music with this feature. While we work to figure out a way around this (and we will), we recommend any faith-based artists either 1) use this feature to market songs that fit and lean towards a larger more mainstream audience or 2) utilize other One-Off campaigns, like Spotify Ad Studio or Launch! 


  • Estimated 10k-15K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 10-14 Days):       $425

  • Estimated 20k-25K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 14-20 Days):       $700

  • Estimated 30k-40K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 14-20 Days):       $950

  • Estimated 50k-60K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 20-30 Days):       $1,425

  • Estimated 100k-150K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 30-60 Days):   $2,900

  • Estimated 250k-300K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 60-90 Days):   $4,000

  • Estimated 500k-750K STREAM CAMPAIGN (Runs for 90-180 Days): $7,500



1) Fill out the form below and submit with payment.

2) Your campaign will begin 7-10 days (often within 1 week) from the chosen Friday we start

3) We'll give you your follow-up results when it concludes!

Spotify FB/IG Ads Campaign Form
($10 Submission Fee)

Thanks for submitting! Someone from our team will be in touch with you soon!


Past Results

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Example 1: 10K-15K Stream Campaign: Look At Me Now, Punch Parade (Pop)


Example 2: 10K-15K Stream Campaign: Entre Parades by Mariannah y Diego (Spanish Pop), 2 Separate Campaign Results

Example 2: 10K-15K Stream Campaign: Entre Parades by Mariannah y Diego (Spanish Pop), 2 Separate Campaign Results