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Best Facebook Direct Ad Campaigns for Spotify in 2024 🏆

Spotify Facebook Direct Ad Campaigns

Drive direct traffic to your Spotify music, FAST.


Targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram are one of THE most powerful tools to expose your music to relevant audiences that love your style of music, and you can use them to effectively get more streams on Spotify and organically grow your following! 

And the best part: we handle 100% of everything.  So after you submit the form you can sit back and watch the numbers rise.

How's It Work?

We use a very visual approach to connect each song to a specific community. Our mission with these ads is to grab the attention of a community by connecting our songs with familiar visuals. These ads are designed to drive high intent listeners (listeners most likely to save, follow, and re-listen) early on to show the DSP's that each listener engages positively with the song. This positive engagement plays a big role in long term success (algorithmic activity).  


NOTE: For all campaigns, it's important for us to know how they are performing by monitoring the SFA page, so you will need to provide us direct "viewer" access to SFA.  We have 2 emails that will need to be added once you book the campaign, which can be removed once you receive your final results.

In short:

- Guaranteed spend, no guarantee of specific stream counts (but we have a kick butt track record + our team is literally run hundreds of these)
- Ensure we're targeting/finding the right listeners.
- Demographic & Geographic targetability.
- High save & follow rates.
- High streams per listener rate with each conversion (On average we see 2.0 - 5.0 streams per listen per conversion)

How's It Work


  • Tier 1: $12,500

    • 12,000 - 20,000 conversions (estimates, not guaranteed), 12 week campaign

  • Tier 2: $7,000

    • 6,000-10,000 conversions (estimates, not guaranteed), 8 week campaign

  • Tier 3: $4,500

    • 3,000-5,000 conversions (estimates, not guaranteed), 4 week campaign

Budget breakdown: roughly 60% of the budget is applied directly to the ad spend, the other 40% goes towards strategy, design (we create all of the ads in house), targeting, optimization, and our fee.


1) Fill out the form below and submit with $5 fee for approval.

2) Once Approved, we'll send you the final invoice to lock in your campaign.

3) Your campaign will begin around 10 days (often within 1 week) from the chosen Friday we start

3) We'll send you a detailed report at the end of your campaign.

Spotify FB Direct Ads Campaign Form
($5 Submission Fee)

Thanks for submitting! Someone from our team will be in touch with you soon!

Past Results

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'Rain' was a debut single


'Che' is a brand new artist


'Brady' is a brand new artist


'Wake Up' was a debut single

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