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A-list Writers
Submission Form

Want to be on the A-list?  Fill out the form below for consideration. 

Note: we are HIGHLY picky about who we approve for the A-list, so put some time and detail into filling out the form below.  Not everyone will be approved.  We are only looking for writers who do writing full time for LOTS of artists (not just occasional side projects or personal projects), and have generated great results for their artists.  

Fill out and submit the form below with detail. 
What services do you offer?
How do you offer your sevices?
If paid writes, how do you accept service payment? (select any/all that apply)
What's your usual writers split?

We will follow up on your submission status via email (usually within about a week or two).  If your submission is approved, we will reach out to schedule a 1 on 1 call to discuss onboarding.

Thanks for submitting!

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