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Lauren Daigle Opens Nashville Bakery: Daigle’s Bagels

Nashville, TN– Lauren Daigle is embarking on a new challenge after outgrowing the Christian Music industry entirely, a local bakery.

Daigle’s Bagels officially opened its doors this October and is exceeding customer expectations. Daigle has had plenty of free time since the beginning of her CCM reign in 2015, so you absolutely know her bagel recipes are impeccable.

While locals and tourists alike are flocking to Daigle’s Bagels, other local businesses are voicing their concern.

“We’re selling half as many donuts as we once did,” exclaimed the Five Daughters Bakery owner. “At this rate, we’ll be shut down by the end of the year.”

Similar to Krispy Kreme’s “Hot and Ready” feature, Daigle occasionally makes an appearance to take photos and sign autographs. That’s usually when the store is at its busiest.

Daigle’s Bagels is located in The Factory in Franklin, TN. Make sure to swing by on your way to work or if you’re in town visiting. Just be prepared to wait in a long line for bagels if the “Daigle and Ready” sign is illuminated.

Daigle is projected to quickly outgrow the Nashville baking scene similarly to how she outgrew the Christian Music Industry. Where is her career going to take her next?

DM Lauren Daigle on Instagram and ask for The Daily Strumble’s ‘Dozen Bagel Discount’!

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