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Lauren Daigle Cast In Upcoming Willy Wonka Sequel

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Nashville, TN — There’s never a dull moment in Lauren Daigle’s career. Not only has she conquered Christian Music and taken over the Nashville bakery scene with her entrepreneurial side-venture “Daigle’s Bagels” (read all about that here), but now it would appear that even those two undertakings combined have proven to be too easy for her.

Thus, she is again moving on to bigger and better things, as she recently announced via Instagram that she has been cast as the lead role in the next generation Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory film, where she will play Willy Wonka’s daughter, Willa Wonka.

According to inside sources (spoiler alerts ahead), we learn that Willy Wonka had a hidden past love affair with another chocolate candy enthusiast, but she never told him she had gotten pregnant and given birth to a daughter, Willa (Lauren). Through a dramatic discovery, Willa learns that she is a Wonka, but before she finds a way to meet her father, she sees his obituary in a city vendor newspaper. Saddened and spiteful at her mother for withholding her father from her, Willa sneaks away from home and travels to the distant Wonka Chocolate Factory, only to discover it’s now the Bucket Factory, renamed after its golden ticket winner and inheritor, Charlie Bucket. Even worse, Charlie has turned the factory into a sweat shop, forcing the Oompa-Loompas to make cheap shoes that he up-sells to the town’s wealthy citizens for immense profit.

Over the course of an adventurous 90 minutes sure to keep fans on the edges of their seats, Willa comes forth as the true genetic heir to the Chocolate empire, and after a long and suspenseful court battle, she reclaims ownership of the Bucket Factory, saving the Oompa-Loompas and re-establishing its rightful name as the Willy Wonka Chocolate factory, in honor of her father. We’re told to expect this movie to be a full blown musical, featuring many of Lauren’s top songs, rewritten to fit the chocolate themed plot.

Although this definitely comes out of left field, we’re not shocked in the slightest, because Lauren tends to outgrow industries faster than Augustus Gloop goes through chocolate bars. It makes perfect sense that the movie entertainment industry would be the next step on her way to eloquently conquering the modern day world, which she does so well. Just look at her, she’s a natural Wonka.

Amongst all the excitement, fans want to know how she’s going to keep up with her music, Nashville bakery, and Willa Wonka silver screen stardom. According to her team at Centricity Records, their solution is to combine all of her interests into one seamless brand. She will still make music and bake, but she’ll now do so while staying in full character as Willa Wonka 24/7, which we can assume includes an accent and the Instagram top hat seen above. In fact, rumor has it that even her upcoming album for 2022 will be a complete remake of the original Willy Wonka theme songs.

Daigle is projected to quickly outgrow the movie entertainment industry similarly to how she outgrew Christian music and the Nashville bakery scene. Where is her career going to take her next?

Be sure to DM Lauren Daigle on Instagram and congratulate her on her new role!

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