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Breaking News: KLOVE Radio Almost Adds New Song

SACRAMENTO, CA – Excitement rippled throughout the Christian music scene last week after KLOVE Radio, Christian music’s beloved radio monopoly, almost added a new song for the first time in over two decades.

“Maybe there’s hope after all!” cried one exhausted CCM artist, tears streaming down his face.

However, that’s probably not the case, as it would appear the ‘almost add’ was just a rare slip-up. According to our inside source, a new CCM artist named Matt West released his debut song “Hello, My Name Is Matt”, and it was quickly mistaken for Matthew West’s “Hello My Name Is” and scheduled to be played 20 times every day for the next ten years.

Fortunately, the error was caught just in the nick of time, prolonging KLOVE’s twenty-one year streak of playing the exact same 10 songs on repeat.

Phewf. That was a close one.

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