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Best Spotify Promotion in 2023 🏆

Get Music Promotion On Spotify That Generates Targeted Followers, Real Streams, & Consistent Monthly Listeners!

We use curators and highly targeted ad campaigns to get your music heard by the right people and grow your Spotify listeners and fanbase. 100% Organic Engagement. Royalty Eligible. No Fakes Or Bots. Ever!

NOTE: Long-term playlisting is currently only available to Christian Music Genre artists!

Your Complete Music Marketing Agency

We help you establish your reputation, leverage social proof to promote your talent, and amass attention, streams, and followers that will push your career forward!

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Ads for your tracks will only be shown to listeners that are perfectly suited to become your raving fans as we leverage your music genre, keywords, demographics, and interest targeting.

Consistent & Trackable Results

You get to track and verify the engagement we generate for you directly from your platform's analytics. In other words, we absolutely guarantee that you’re not paying for fakes and bots.

Budget Friendly Plans

Our plans are designed to suit any artist who wants to get their music heard by more targeted listeners – from up-and-coming musicians to established and famous stars.

The Fastest And Easiest Way To Take Your Music Career To A New Level! 📈

For most musicians, the music industry feels impossible to break into… 😩

There's always gonna be an uphill battle (shoutout Hannah Montana), but in today’s digital world, it’s more challenging than ever…

It’s a loud, crowded, over-saturated market with over 100,000 songs uploaded to digital platforms DAILY, and simply releasing music online – no matter how good it is – usually isn’t enough to grow your popularity, streams, and revenue. 😭

You want more than just a few “streams” and comments, and you DON'T want to have to beg friends and family members to be your supporters.  You KNOW you deserve more fans, and you want to spread your music and your message far and wide and get noticed on a MUCH wider scale. 🚀

That’s Why We Are Here To Promote Your Music! 🤗

We focus on the one main point that matters most to musicians, bands, and singers: Spotify…

Like it or not, Spotify is the new measuring stick for any musical artist looking to grow their popularity – and we use it like a tool.

By tapping into our extensive network of organic playlist creators, musical authorities, and custom marketing campaigns, we push your music to the masses. 🔥

While other companies rely on bot accounts and fake, phantom plays 👻, we keep our services 100% organic. 

Every click, every listen you get through our service is a real, live human who is actually experiencing your music, because THAT's how you actually get popular.

People love to discover and share new music, and we’re your go-to team to help kickstart your popularity as an artist and start growing exponentially. 📈

Targeted Promotion Completely Done For You!

There are no hard decisions to make, hoops to jump through, curators to pester, or complicated software to manage…

It’s all done for you – you just sit back and watch your listeners skyrocket on Spotify. 🚀

Our service is totally Spotify compliant and starts showing results right away (start dates begin on the closest Friday!).

And the best part?

You’ll be able to collect royalty payments 🤑 from Spotify through your distributor!

This works for any type of music or any type of genre. In fact, on top of running custom ad campaigns, we introduce your music to the exact curators who specialize in your type of sound, because those are where the ideal listeners are who are most likely to become your newest fans. 

💰More listeners = more royalties (aka MONEY) 🤑 = MORE funding for your success as a musician, and it's only a click away! 


Complete Artist Channel Growth On Spotify

Your music will be promoted and played by your future fans all over the world. 

We’ve found that these strategies give us the best results, and oftentimes the songs that aren’t even your favorites or even the "best" current performers end up getting traction as we trigger the Spotify Algorithm and attract waves of new fans!


Make Money On Spotify With Royalty Eligible Streams

Our Spotify Promotion service comes with a lot of added benefits, the biggest being a boost in income coming from royalty-eligible streams. 

With us, you can start monetizing your talent, going from having a music hobby to enjoying a thriving music career.

It’s simple math: the more real engagement your music gets, the more income from royalties you generate.  

Long Lasting Authority & Credibility You Deserve

Our service is designed to be a gateway for helping you quickly accumulate the authority, industry credibility, and numbers for you to leverage for more opportunities. (think shows, brand deals, publishing deals, label deals, management, merch, and more!)

Step 1

Sign up

Join ArtistPool or Advanced Marketing by selecting the feature and filling out the form! 

Step 2

We'll Start Your Promotion

We start promoting your music on the nearest Friday of receiving your information and approval! 

Step 3

You'll Get Real Results On


In a short while, you start to receive more streams, followers, and listeners and might be featured in playlists.

Professionally Done-For-You Music Promotion Services For A Fraction Of The Price

With our help, all artists, musicians, and talented creatives can actually turn their passion into a REAL career.

Artists today need 3 types of Spotify marketing:

1) Consistent, year-round streams on already released music via genre-specific playlists.

2) One-off campaigns to boost new releases and dump fuel on the fire, FAST, with direct traffic ad campaigns.

3) Advanced marketing options and Artist Collaborations to more intentionally trigger the Spotify algorithm and push large amounts of music at a time

And we've got you covered with ALL THREE.

1) First, join the ArtistPool or Advanced Marketing and utilize the Song Swap feature for new and old music

2. Then use Spotify One-Off Campaigns to push single songs even more effectively, whenever you need! (great for new releases and older songs that are starting to hit)

3) And last, request your first Anthem Collab when you're ready to ROCKET your algorithm success 🚀! (Advanced Artists only!)

Get started below 👇🏻

Advanced Marketing

Per Month

  • *For CCM/Worship/Christian Pop Artists Only

  • Consistent streaming and play-listing for 2-10+ songs at a time to your ideal audience via our TAC playlist network with 300k+ followers, which has proven to trigger Spotify algorithmic playlists like discover weekly and radio, boosting monthly listeners, followers, and revenue. (Case Studies)

  • Additional Streaming via the Advanced Only Playlists in our TAC Playlist Network (reserved for Advanced artists only!)

  • Swap out old songs with new releases at any time, free of charge, via Song Swap, which means new music gets heard immediately.

  • Gold & Platinum Tiers include custom advertising campaigns that allows Artist to choose their ideal 'similar artists' and fans they'd like to target via their Spotify Playlist.

  • You qualify for 1-2 Anthem Collabs each year! 

  • Advanced Artists get 10% off ALL One-Off Marketing campaigns!, Anthem Advisor Calls and Anthem Academy courses!


Per Year

  • *For CCM/Worship/Christian Pop Artists Only

  • Consistent streaming and play-listing for 1 song at a time (for one year) to your ideal audience via our TAC playlist network with 300k+ followers, which has proven to trigger Spotify algorithmic playlists like discover weekly and radio, boosting monthly listeners, followers, and revenue. (Case Studies)

  • Swap out old songs with new releases at any time, free of charge, via Song Swap, which means new music gets heard immediately.

  • BONUS: Includes 10% off all Anthem Advisor Calls and Anthem Academy courses!


Get Started Now!

We don’t ever send bots or any type of fake engagement. All campaigns are based on a combination of native advertising and track distribution to playlist curators. Due to the nature of this service, minimum stream count is not guaranteed as cost per stream varies based on engagement, targeting options, genres, song quality, and other variables we can’t control. Our services are completely risk free and fully comply with Spotify’s terms of service.

FAQ - Spotify

How will you promote my music? We use our TAC network (music playlist curators and marketers) to promote your work on Spotify. We have relationships with tons of independent playlist curators, and we also run native ad campaigns to get initial traction and boost engagement. Our service combines these two different approaches simultaneously. 1- We run native ad campaigns across social media to drive traffic to Spotify. This way, we get your music exposure and guarantee REAL plays/streams by people who are genuinely interested. 2- We send your chosen song(s) to our playlist curator network so they can consider and promote your tracks. This method yields different results for every artist, but they love discovering new music and more-often-than-not choose to add new songs! With both strategies, you’ll certainly get REAL and TARGETED engagement. Even though results may vary based on different factors, you’ll surely notice the improvement. We don’t ever send bots or any type of fake engagement. Our services fully comply with Spotify’s terms of service.

Is it really 100% safe? Absolutely! We only use organic methods to promote to real people, and we've never had an artist flagged for fake streams. Your campaign always has the possibility of performing better or worse, but we strive to do the best we can. But it is indeed an organic promotion. We cannot force people to like your track, but we can do our absolute best to ensure it gets seen and considered by the right people.

Where do you advertise my music? We advertise through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Spotify using native ads. You’ve probably seen many native ads across the internet, especially on big news sites. It’s our proprietary system of programmatic native ads that achieves this cost-effective type of campaign, alongside with our network of independent playlist curators.

For how long does my promotion run? Our service works for as long as your campaign is scheduled or until cancellation. For ArtistPool it is 1 year, for Launch it is 1 month, and for Advanced Marketing it's custom to the campaign selection!

Do you use any type of bots? Heck-to-the NO. We don’t ever send bots or any type of fake engagement. All campaigns are based on a combination of native advertising and track distribution to playlist curators, according to the chosen campaign. Our services fully comply with Spotify’s terms of service. Still not convinced? Check out all our Artist Reviews on our Testimonials page!

Can I make money with this promotion? All our promotions are 100% royalty eligible, so you won’t face any problems in regards to collecting royalties. Please contact your music distributor to know more about how royalties work.

What if I want to cancel or change my plan? You can cancel or change your plan at anytime with no penalties or fees (unless you have a special custom contract for a set amount of time, which is usually more for larger budgets.) We’ll keep working on your campaign as long as you keep your subscription active. Simply contact us using this website or access your billing dashboard to make any changes. Even if you stop working with us, you may always get in touch for tips, feedback, and assistance to grow your channel popularity. We’re happy to help.

Are there any discounts for agencies, managers, or labels? Yes! If you manage multiple artists, please contact us via email so we can asess your situation and arrange discounted custom rates for your promotions. Note: Discounts may not be available on every marketing feature.

Is there an affiliate program for marketers? At this time, only for Producers by request and approval. DM us if you think you'd be a good fit, or fill our our Anthem Ambassador Form under Artist Resources!

Why Choose The Anthem Co.?

TAC is not your generic music promotion website. We are a complete & unique music marketing agency.


According to our clients, our main differentiators are that 1) our services provide 100% real and safe results by building a genuine fan base that lasts, and 2) we are REAL people who have personally had REAL success with both our own artists' music and our clients' music, and our team is available for you to reach out to with questions!  

We focus on offering a personalized service that caters to the specific needs of each client, in addition to providing white-glove quality customer service and over-the-top satisfaction guarantee.

Established Team

We are a team of experienced artists, marketers, and consultants that know business and promotion inside out, allowing us to deliver real results.

Trusted Experience

We’ve grown reputable artist brands across many genres and helped nearly 1,000 artists overcome growth plateaus and build the following they needed to become full-time musicians.

Platform Compliant

Unlike most other promotion companies out there, we use absolutely zero bots or fakes to perform any of our services.

Find More Money

We help artists and businesses break open and grow as many revenue streams as possible, allowing them to self-fund their passions and keep 100% of the results!

Read What Our Clients Are Saying...

We’re proud to have helped nearly 1,000 musicians and we aim to keep expanding our solutions to include more platforms, better strategies, and develop more successful artists. Read all our verified reviews HERE. 🤩


Caleb & Bethany

It's been absolutely seamless working with Anthem Collective and we see the value. As new artists on the scene, they’ve been a huge help.



I’ve partnered with the TAC Launch Team on a number of my music releases, and I’ve been more than pleased with the outcome! Everyone is so pleasant to work with, and the promo content they produce is exceptionally done. Working with The Anthem Collective has expanded my audience, and helped me reach more hearts with my positive message. I’ll no doubt continue to enlist the expertise of the TAC Launch Team for many of my future endeavors!



Ready, set, LAUNCH! I love love love this feature. It really helps create traction on release day and you're able to confidently release your music knowing that it will be heard!

Take Your Music Career To The Next Level!

Right now, you have the opportunity to start building the following and the fanbase that allows you to bring your wildest dreams and music projects to life… Will you take it?

If the answer is YES, click the button below to choose your promotion plan to get started!

Here's a few of the incredible artists we work with!

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