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Cover Artwork

Your music's artwork is like the front cover to your book; if it's visually great, more people will pick it up and read it (aka stream it)!  And with over 60,000 songs uploaded daily to music streaming platforms, standing out with great cover art is more important than ever before.   

Don't have the time or skills to get your cover art just right on your own?  Don't sweat it.  Our graphic designers save you time and energy by delivering high quality and affordable cover art, fast.  We've got you (covered). 

The 4 Step Process (read me)


Fill out the form below with all your project details and submit it with the payment (see section below for payment info). Within about a week you will receive an email with a mood board (aka a digital "board" to show concepts and ideas) with 3 ideas.  Simply select your favorite to move forward with, and respond via email with your choice.


Around week two, you will then receive another email with 3 rough draft designs based off the previous idea you chose.  Again, select your favorite design to move forward and reply to the email.


Around week three, you will receive a third email with 3 final designs of your cover art, based off the rough draft design you selected.  At this point, just reply to the email with your favorite pick, and you'll receive an email with the final JPG and PNG download links within a few business days!


If there are any minor touch-ups / edits desired, simply reply to the email and specify what those are, and you will receive the final cover art design with those edits around the fourth week.  Easy peasy.

This is typically a 3-4 week process from start to finish, and it will always go faster with prompt email communication!

Payment Info

The cost of artwork for one single, EP, or album is $300, which is paid upfront with the submission form.

This covers up to 10 hours of work by our graphic design artists.  If your artwork requires excessive revisions after reaching your 10 hour threshold, every additional hour (over ten) costs an extra $30 per/hour, and you will receive an invoice and be required to pay that final additional invoice before receiving your final artwork downloads.  (The more detailed you can be with your vision right out of the gate, the more likely our team can get it done within the timeframe and save you money!)

NOTE: If you are behind and need to fast-track your project within 1-2 weeks, email/DM us and we'll see if our team can make it work!  Fast-tracking costs $500 per artwork, and every hour over 10 hours is an additional $50 per/hour.

Cover Artwork Submission Form

Please fill out the form below


Upload Files

Thanks for your order! A representative will be in contact with you soon!

Past Work

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