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Customer Service Of The Year Award A Toss-Up Between Distrokid And Facebook

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

WORLD — The new year means it’s time for our ‘Customer Service Of The Year’ Award’, a prestigious award we give to companies that go above and beyond in serving their customers’ needs. And we are proud to announce that this year’s winner is *drum roll*: A tie between Distrokid and Facebook.

Facebook was an obvious candidate with their move to get rid of all humans and simply use AI algorithms and automations. This removed the need to pay employees, which obviously made the whole system MUCH better for the customer experience. It’s so painless you’d honestly think their customer service didn’t even exist!

Distrokid (likely seeing the success FB was having) adopted a similar strategy and implemented generic FAQ sheets, which lead their customers in circles on an unavoidably long treasure hunt to their answers. This is far superior to the traditional model of being able to ask a real human the exact question that you need help with at that very moment. The FAQ sheets are especially helpful when Distrokid surprise releases your song a month before the release date.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get ahold of either Facebook or Distrokid’s customer service teams in any way, shape, or form to present the award, so we gave up and gave it to the runner up: Walmart, for their stellar customer service in their self-checkout lines.

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