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Artist Accused Of Fudging Spotify ‘Artist Wrapped’ Numbers

Nashville, TN — An independent Nashville artist has taken some heat from the artist community this week for allegedly fudging his end-of-year Spotify Artist Wrapped numbers, in an attempt to appear more successful (see photo above). We say allegedly, because, although the evidence seems pretty compelling, he claims the numbers are, in fact, 100% real.

In response to his accusers, here’s what Chaz had to say via a public instagram statement made to his 15 active followers:

“Did I buy photoshop last minute just to quick learn how to add a bunch of zeroes to my streaming numbers just to impress my parents in hopes that they’ll finally see the value in my music career and admit that I did the right thing dropping out of law school to pursue music? Absolutely not. You’re all just jealous.”

We have to point out that the numbers, in fact, do not add up at all, but he clearly needs this, so just let him have it.

In other news, your next Sweetwater purchase may come with a side order of cannabis! Read more here:

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