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Anthem Advisor Call

Dive into Branding, Monetization, Career/Business Strategy, & more with the A-team!

  • Google Meet Video Call

Service Description

Now isn't the time to stay 'surface level' with your music career. Let us help you avoid the critical mistakes and get you to where you’re wanting to go, faster. What can the ‘Anthem Advisor’ cover? All of this (and more!): 1. Branding - Name/Look/Sound/Short term and long term strategies, etc. 2. New Revenue Streams - We help you find and execute on new opportunities to monetize what you love to do! 3. Business Practices - LLC setup, Website Tips/Building, SEO, Email Lists and Strategies, Record Labels, etc. 4. Social Media Marketing and Strategy - TikTok, YouTube, IG, FB and includes content strategy, monetization and revenue streams, etc. 5. Spotify Analytics - We dive into your Spotify data and help you develop an effective marketing strategy based off your specific audience data. 6. Touring/Booking Shows - Where to get started based on your situation, creating an EPK, emailing process, how to find shows, showcase strategies, live show building strategies etc. 7. Anything else you’re interested in! The flow of the call will be completely decided by which topic(s) you want to focus on. Meetings last for one (1) hour.

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