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Spotify Playlist Growth

Take control with your own playlists.

Spotify Playlist Growth campaigns are designed to increase followers and listeners on your Spotify playlist. These campaigns have added more than 350,000+ playlist followers for customers the first year offering this campaign.

Why You Need This:

Every artist today needs to own 1 or 2 successful playlists on Spotify with real and active listeners.  Why? 

1) You grow ALL your music together at once, as fast as you want + you get to choose what other artists get to be on the playlists (this is super effective in training the Spotify algorithm over time)

2) You can trade placements with other curators (aka FREE marketing)

3) You can count on them for playlisting every single new release (you don't have to rely on other curators)

4) Your own playlists + discovery mode = a wildly powerful combination, meaning you trigger the Spotify algorithms and unlock passive streaming income much faster.

5) You know for a fact that these are 100% real listeners which mean zero strikes from botted streams!

We've perfected the art of building playlists, and now we're here to help you build yours.  We've generated millions of streams for our artists, triggered the algorithms and created profitable and sustainable revenue streams, and we've used our network to gain shows, collaborations, lucrative publishing deals, and other invaluable opportunities for our artists. (Check out our Case Study results, HERE.)

Plain and simple, artists and music businesses that own successful Spotify playlists have a MAJOR advantage over those that don't, and this is the fastest and easiest way to get started. 

NOTE: all our services comply with Spotify's policies.  We do not guarantee streams. We do NOT use bots. Our features are built around pitching and running custom ad campaigns. 


Why Use Spotify Growth Campaigns?

1. These campaigns focus on awareness to promote your playlist or brand. Building a playlist or network can be a highly valuable asset for influence and promotion. Whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned curator brand looking to expand, Rise offers a solution for guaranteed growth.

2. These campaigns guarantee that your ads will get in front of highly targeted listeners and guarantee conversion to Followers. We have seen our campaigns convert to an average of 10 streams per Follower repeating, with some playlists performing significantly higher!

Pricing (3 tiers): 3 month campaigns

  • Tier 1: $6,500 per month (3 month commitment + required contract agreement)

    • ​Minimum 7,083 - 14,167 Playlist Visitors per month

  • Tier 2: $3,750 per month (3 month commitment + required contract agreement)

    • Minimum 3,542 - 7,083 Playlist Visitors per month

  • Tier 3: $5,000 total paid upfront ($1500 per month for 3 months) 

    • Minimum 1,417 - 2,833 Playlist Visitors per month

  • Tier 4: $2,500 total paid upfront ($750 per month for 3 months) 

    • Minimum 708 - 1,417 Playlist Visitors per month


Note #1: we cannot guarantee followers due to Spotify’s policies, so we can only guarantee the numbers of visitors/clicks we can push to the playlist each month, which usually converts well into playlist followers.

Note #2: once a campaign begins, it MUST continue for the full minimum 3 months.  No refunds are offered after marketing begins. 

Playlist Growth Submission Form
($5 submission fee)


1) Keep the song we're using to to grow the playlist in the top 4 songs for the entirety of the campaign (this helps with follower conversions)

2) Try and update the playlist minimum about once per week (can just be a few songs, nothing extreme)

3) Try and listen to your playlist 20-30 min per day (this assists in showing the algorithm it's a playlist worth growing if the owner actually listens to it)

4) Try and build your playlist name and sonic theme around a mood or a moment.  EX: Late Night Drive Songs, Morning Worship, Songs That Make You Want To Dance

5) Pick a playlist theme that you can fit as many of you or your artists songs on and then add similar artists you want that music to be associated with (make sure it's similar genres or else you'll confuse the algorithm)

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