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Best TikTok Promotion in 2023 🏆

TikTok Ads Campaign

Who's got the hype? You do. 


Paid ad campaign setup, managed, and reported on by our team of short-form experts. Guaranteed paid views from FYP page which will convert to more views and engagement for any artist in any genre.


  • 5k-20K VIEW CAMPAIGN:       $350

  • 15k-75K VIEW CAMPAIGN:     $700

  • 30k-150K VIEW CAMPAIGN:   $1,200

  • 60k-300K VIEW CAMPAIGN:    $2,100

  • 163k-650K VIEW CAMPAIGN:  $4,250


1) Fill out the form below and submit with payment.

2) Your campaign will begin 7-10 days (often within 1 week) from the chosen Friday we start

3) We'll give you your follow-up results when it concludes!

TikTok Ads Campaign Form
($10 Submission Fee)

Thanks for submitting! Someone from our team will be in touch with you soon!

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