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Music Uploader

New music? Upload it here for distribution! 

*This page is reserved for our current TAC distribution artists only*

Step 1: Please fill out your custom shared Google Sheet with the corresponding information (Do NOT leave any of the boxes blank, bc we won't be able to upload your song.)

Step 2: Download the Priority Editorial Pitching Sheet below and fill it out completely and as detailed as possible.

1. We require 6 weeks advance for the most effective pitching so try not to plan last minute releases!

2. Save this sheet and keep it updated to re-use for future releases!  

3. Each release you want pitched requires a separate sheet.

4. Go above and beyond filling this out, because this is how you get a leg up over every other artist you're competing with for these spots!  We can only work with whatever you give us in this sheet!

Step 3: Then fill out the form below and attach the filled out Pitching Sheet to let our team know that you have new music that you are wanting to upload.


1) Upload will not begin until you have submitted this form with the pitch sheet. 

2) Last minute distribution requests releasing within 1.5 weeks (10 days) or less will be charged a late fee of $100, bc our team will need to shift things around to get it released on time, and pitching will be very difficult.  Plan ahead and give us minimum 3-4 weeks (6 weeks is most ideal for pitching)!

3) Songs are only uploaded during the week from Monday - Friday, NOT on weekends.  Plan ahead with your release date!

4) If you are uploading cover songs, you will receive a cover song licensing invoice via email for the total amount of cover licensing your music requires ($25 per song).  This invoice must be paid BEFORE we can schedule and upload your music!

Music Uploader Form
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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