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Anthem Silver

Over 50 campaigns successfully run!

YOU know you’ve got great music, and YOU know it deserves to be heard by more listeners.  You’re ready to pour some gas on the fire, and Anthem Silver is the way to do it.  


We oversee up to a 12 month advanced marketing campaign pushing of your songs to your ideal Spotify audience, with optional marketing add-ons.

This service involves us pitching your songs to our private Spotify playlist network with 300k+ followers, which drives new listeners to your music and helps increase your chances of triggering the algorithm and being added to editorial and algorithmic playlists.


- Your music is pitched to and placed by TAC's privately curated playlist network with 300k+ followers.

- You gain new listeners every month, and streaming bots pose no threats. Win win.

- These types of campaigns tend to trigger Spotify algorithmic streams.

- Songs may be swapped at anytime via our Song Swap feature. 

- Feature includes one day-of-release email blast and IG story/post shoutout to our audience network

**Our experience has shown 1 year minimum is the ideal marketing timeframe to trigger the Spotify algorithm, but smaller time frames are still effective. 12 Months is the exact same plan we used for Punch Parade's campaign. See graph listed below, or click here to view our full Case Studies breakdown!


$3,000 - 12 Months ($250 per month - contract) (Recommended)

$799 - 3 Months

$549 - 2 Months

$349 - 1 Month

(Want to add even more fuel to the fire? Checkout Anthem Gold.)

There is a nonrefundable submission fee of $25.

Example: Punch Parade.

Pre-marketing push: 200 daily streams; 2,000 monthly listeners.

Results: 2,000+ daily streams; 20,000+ monthly listeners.

Note: Campaign results will vary per artist, genre, and campaign tier.

Anthem Silver Form
Anthem Silver Application

Which add-on feature would you like?

We use Google's highly targeted Youtube ad campaigns to get your music seen and heard by the people specifically searching for your keywords, phrases, and content, which skyrockets Youtube success.  You choose the videos, we handle the rest.  More info about our Youtube Marketing here. 

NEW FEATURE - We use Spotify's in-house AdStudio to run highly targeted ad campaigns to get your music seen and heard by the fans who ALREADY  use Spotify and who love and follow artists just like you in your genre!  (MEANING, they're your perfect fans.) You choose to run traffic to the song/album/your profile, we handle the rest.  This is a very powerful tool when combined with our Advanced Spotify Marketing.

Thanks for submitting!


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The Anthem Collective (TAC) has been massively helpful in our mission to make TFW's music available to a wide, international audience. More than just streams, we've been able to reach a large audience of unique listeners of virtually every age group across the globe - and in a much shorter time than we possibly could have without their promotional help. It's been an outstanding partnership!

Here's a few of the incredible artists we work with!

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