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Mathematicians Frustrated Ed Sheeran Isn’t Being More Clear With His Equation

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

WORLD – Ed Sheeran’s latest album Equals is only a few weeks old, and mathematicians across the world are more confused than ever. “Division? Subtraction? Times? Now Equals? What’s the rest of the freaking equation?? Is there a solution??”

We’ve got a couple ideas.

Perhaps Ed is being controlled against his will and trying to signal for help. If that’s the case, we’ve got to get this thing solved STAT. But there is always the off chance that Ed Sheeran just isn’t very good at math. He did, after all, spend his youth couch surfing Europe playing guitar, so it would check out.

That being said, we’re realistically going to need at least 3 actual numbers to piece this thing together. Based on his current album release rate, we should have it solved by about 2050. Stay tuned.

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