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Songwriting Research Confirms This Might Be The BEST Tip For Beating Stubborn Writer’s Block

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Are you finding your inspiration jar half empty these days? Burnt out trying to write a new song each day to improve your skills, but feeling like you keep writing the same song over and over? A new study confirms doing this at least once a month is sure to help push past any stubborn writer’s blocks you’ve been experiencing.

So what is this tip you say? It’s simple: increase your love life drama. That’s right. Increase your love life drama and you’ll have an endless supply of lyrics. It’s a scientific fact.  So how exactly do you do that?  Here’s 3 fool proof ideas to get you started: 1. Once a month, try breaking up with your significant other and getting back together! You could bring up an old ex, spice up an old dating profile and see if they notice the new notifications, or stick to a classic and just tell them “it’s me, not you” and let them twist the plot from there. If you’re really daring, you could even change your FB relationship status to ‘it’s complicated’ or ‘in an open relationship’.  That’ll get the lyrics flowing. 2. Hit the dating apps! No current partner? No problem! This is the BEST possible use for the apps. Bumble is buzzing with bad dates just waiting to happen. Coffee meets bagel? More like coffee pregame for your songwriting session. 3. Bring 2 dates to a party without either of them knowing. We’ve seen this one play out in the movies, and the main character always has something to journal about. *This may require some distraction help from your friends* IMPORTANT NOTE: If on the off-chance you accidentally find someone you actually like, do your very best to sabotage that relationship like it’s your job (we’re talking How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days kinda energy). Remember, we’re looking for lyrics, not love. Why do you think Taylor Swift writes so many hits? Let us know in the comments how it works out!

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