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Trick or Treat: Music Row Handing Out Spotify Streams Because It’s Cheaper Than Candy

NASHVILLE, TN –  Music Row has been in a slight bind this past year, and they recently announced a major cut back on their Halloween budget.  Instead of handing out candy, they will now be handing out Spotify streams.

“Initially, we were worried that we couldn’t think of anything that was cheaper than mini Snickers bars, but we’re delighted to have found a much more affordable solution,” stated Mike Curb of Curb/Word Entertainment earlier this week.  “We can get like a thousand of these things for less than $3!”

The artist community seems to be torn.  On one hand, they could obviously use the free Spotify streams, but on the other, just one full size candy bar from the ritzy part of town is worth more than all of Music Row’s Spotify streams combined.  And rumor has it Curb/Word went cheap and bought all their streams from India and Indonesia.

“If this goes as well as we think it will, we may never have to buy candy again!” continued Mike Curb, snacking on a full size Almond Joy. “Maybe next year we can just hand out exposure and life lessons!”

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